This app has you covered no matter what. If you are going through a challenging time, need an extra push to get stuff done, or just enjoying inspiration on social media this is the app for you. This app is flooded with positive quotes that will reset your frame of mind or help you to inspire someone else. Positive reminders are one of the most powerful tools for mental growth and this app gives you just that. Help yourself or help someone else by inspiring them to use this app.  

 Features and Tools: 

  • Widget for your home screen 
  • Customize your own design 
  • Share uplifting messages with friends and family 
  • Read Hundreds of Quotes 
  • Save or share your quotes 
  • Set motivational Reminders throughout the day 
  • Change font and colors 
  • Filter Quotes by Category 

Quote Categories: 

  • Motivation to work harder 
  • Love Quotes 
  • Motivation to train and work out 
  • Help for Depression 
  • Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence 
  • Get over a breakup 
  • Life lessons and sayings 
  • Business, money, success, and career 
  • Being present and mindful 
  • Quotes from women for women 
  • Philosophy from great minds 
  • Quotes on being thankful for what you have 
  • Inspirational quotes for joy 
  • Movie quotes 
  • Bible verses 

App Ratings: 

  • Rated: 4.8 
  • Ages: 4+ 
  • Chart: Three 

App Details: 

  • Language: 15+ 
  • Size: 246.9 MB 
  • In app purchase 
  • Copyright @2022 Monkey Taps 

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Final Thoughts: 

This is a must-have app. It will keep you going no matter what is going on in your life. It is like having a life coach right there with you throughout your day. This app helps to keep you in the right mindset, focused, confident, work harder and smarter, overcome those challenging times that you do not think you will ever get through, and remind you how special you are. This app has everything a person could need to get them through anything or even to release stress. It will also help you give the right inspiration to others that might need some encouragement of any sort.

This is also a great app not just for personal use but for business as well. It will encourage you to work harder, and give you the confidence you need right before you must give a presentation or turn in that assignment your boss requested. It could also help the employer motivate his/her employees. Give them encouragement, let them know what a wonderful job they are doing, help build them up, and boost their confidence. There is a wide platform with all this app can do. I strongly recommend giving this app a try even if you do not think you need something like this you might even surprise yourself. 

This app is available through your apple market or google play. Can be downloaded on to all your devices and shared through all your social media accounts and messaging options.

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