Find Your Perfect Place To Stay

Find Your Perfect Place To Stay

InstaStay provides a space to their users for finding their perfect place to stay. Their public site helps users find listed hotels & homes for enjoying vacation, business meetups, hook-up parties, etc. On the other hand, they provide a space to the homeowners or the hotel owners to rent out their free spaces.

InstaStay also helps charities through their platform by allowing users to choose the charity of their choice to donate to.

The Problem

  • Client approached us with their raw idea and needed a feasible solution for creating a secure web platform for offering rental places to stay in.
  • Client planned to have space where they can add professionals and these added professionals will appear to the homeowners to whom they contact.
  • Client wanted to donate a very small amount of their earnings to the charities listed on this platform.
  • Client clarified that payments will be paid to the homeowners after the booking completion and wanted to know the complete status for the same.
  • Client wanted the customization that would allow them to manage the cancellation policy and margin commission that would be given to the charities.
  • Client wanted to manage the content of their landing pages that would allow them to update the content on regular basis.
  • Client needed a way that would help their renters to share reviews about their journeys through this platform.
  • Client came with the change to implement a subscription package for their homeowners.

The Solution

  • We analyzed the vision of the client and provided the appropriate technology solution for launching their idea as a marketplace for renters and homeowners.
  • We provided a way that will allow the homeowners to find the best professional needed for their properties. This will help them use their services for upgrading their properties.
  • We helped the client by allowing them to know which charity is selected by the renters for the donation at the time of booking.
  • We implemented Stripe for the payments that will allow the platform to send payments to homeowners’ accounts as per the business flow. We also send the payment status in the admin portal for reviewing the payments made by the platform to the homeowners.
  • We provided the solution that helped the client manage the cancellation policy that will allow them to confirm how many hours/days before the renters can cancel their booking and will get refunded back. Also, they can set the margin commission that will get saved for the charities from their earnings.
  • We implemented the text editor in the backend that will allow the platform admin to customize their landing page and images in real-time.
  • We implemented a page that will allow the renters to share their reviews and based on it, the admin can contact them through email, if needed.
  • We implemented subscription package functionality that the admin can create and customize. The homeowners can use this package to avail the benefits included under this created package.
  • We is providing 24*7 support to the client if required under the maintenance period. OTS is also implementing the new changes suggested by the client after the product delivery.

The Result

Technology Stack Used

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