What is A Web Application?

A web application is a software application that uses technology on the web through browsers to perform client requests. These apps are designed using HyperText Markup Language and JavaScript, which both support browser coding. Web applications manage client requests to either store, retrieve data, or to perform a given task.es

10 Web Application Development Trends

Over the years, technology has consistently changed with the evolution of human technological needs and innovative abilities. Speed, task automation, integration capabilities, and security are significant factors that are at the core of these advancements. If you are a CTO, here are some of the latest trends in web application development you need to know in 2021.

1. Motion User Interface Design

A website needs to have detailed information. However, there is a need to have the information in an orderly way. As time goes by, the website continually invests in the UI, intending to improve customer experience. The motion design allows one to build an easy interface and one that suggests activities on the page.

The motion design also guides the user on which area to focus on while on the website page. The user interface built using motion has visual features that allow for communication between the web application and the user.

2. Cloud Computing Advancements

Cloud computing refers to the availability of data storage equipment to multiple users through the internet. In 2020, the pandemic saw companies embrace rapid digital transformation. However, companies need to formulate a strategy that works better.

As cloud computing continues to grow, firms need to consider creating a private infrastructure for cloud computing. Besides, remote fast use will require firms to advance their cloud computing infrastructure to compete.

3. Process Customization

For every existing Company, there is a culture of doing things. The culture dictates workers’ roles, how each worker should perform their duties, and the protocols the Company follows. They can identify software that can sync with their existing workflow, which is more suitable for the Company’s challenges.

Web App Developers have worked to see the industry come up with multiple tools to accomplish similar tasks. Developers and websites at large will need to be enlightened about the process of customization to effectively do it without interfering with the Company’s way of doing things.

One of the latest trends in the development of web application that will be on the rise as of 2021 and the years to come is tool building. With software development tools and APIs that do not require coding knowledge, it will be easier for companies to build tools that address specific problems in their websites.

4. API-first Development

There is a need to connect new technologies and applications. An application programming interface allows software tools, new devices, and web interfaces to link. By prioritizing APIs, one allows the developers to work together or individually to develop viable solutions. It launches the website to the market and reduces the cost of developing an application.

The recent trends in web development enable companies to implement new applications and complement their products with other products and services from a third party. This process leads to better services. APIs also provide adequate data that can be used by the chief technology officer and the management of a firm to make better decisions that align with the goals of the firm.

5. Cybersecurity

There is an increase in software vendors, and everyday companies try to outdo each other and develop the best software models. However, there is a need to secure these inventions to ensure that web app developers’ work is not compromised.

Cybersecurity refers to the protection of servers, electronic systems, and networks from malicious attacks. In 2020, the number of malicious attacks on software vendors was twice as much as the previous quarter’s attacks. Following the current statistics, there is a possibility that the attacks will rise in 2021. To avoid numerous downtime hours and loss of income, companies should beef up their security systems.

Precautionary measures that can be taken by a company include:

  • Undertaking a vulnerability assessment test that will point out loopholes in the security system.
  • Ensure that the remote access areas are secure. To be sure that there’s no data leakage, it is advisable that data is encrypted and that employees utilize the VPN.
  • Utilize multi-authentication and permissions. These elements allow you to limit access to any of your digital platforms and websites. Introduce passwords, usernames, and other verifications to your website platform.

6. Single-Page Applications

Among the web application trends that will surface and overtake the app development phase is the SPA. The loading time of a page can create a good or bad user experience depending on the speeds. A single-page application has a speedy loading time. When loading, the only page that appears is the one that contains content.

Google has set the pace for how a SPA ought to perform, and companies will continue to adapt to this trend. Small companies will improve the user experience and save on time for app development should they chose to use the SPA. Also, the single page application allows users to cache offline.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Use of Machine Learning

With the time, resources, and study that world economies invest every year in developing this technology, it is undeniable that AI is one of the web development trends that will become very popular in the years to come.

Time has seen these two concepts evolve from theory to application cases. An example is the natural language processing that automatically generated subtitles from audio in any video. Also, work has been made easier with SaaS tools that rely on artificial intelligence.

Utilizing analytic tools that depend on artificial intelligence will give enlighten you on areas to work or improve. AI will also speed up processes and allow employees to focus on other tasks.

8. Progressive Web Applications

These are web applications that combine traditional strategies that are progressive and current browser APIs to create a cross-platform application on the website. PWAs are not a new concept. They enable developers in that they quickly create an application experience in a browser. As such, it clears the need to create native applications for every emerging device.

Progressive Web applications allow the user to work offline and assist websites is loading much faster. Individuals who seek to optimize their desktop web applications will only need to use PWA and enhance the customer experience without creating two applications. An example of a PWA is the Pinterest application on a mobile site.

9. Voice Search

In 2021 the internet of things will have some of its elements grow immensely. The smart speakers and the voice search will set a new trend in how developers and users relate with search engines. The structured data and schema markup enables the search engine to comprehend the products and services listed in your business and display them in the search results.

Due to their use in boosting search devices’ performance, their use will be on the rise. Website owners should ensure that they effectively use keywords in research questions to reap this trend’s benefits.

10- Use of No-code and Low-cost in Application Development

The essence of developing applications is to make our work more comfortable, and the no-code and Low-cost do not disappoint. Despite the slow advancement in these two tools, they enable people with little or no knowledge of using a line of code. As such, they significantly reduce workloads and allow you to focus on other tasks.


The future of web development is in the industry’s ability to harness the potential of tools, the software available, and the strength to adapt to the new web application technology trends. Web development is a field that is yet to reap full potential. There numerous opportunities for growth and developers and website owners should expect a great return on investment in the future.

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