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Wouldn’t having an update for the next major event be useful? Now, it’s possible to stream audio of high-quality scanners in your area. The Scanner Radio – Fire and Police Scanner app has a multitude of radio choices for your categorial pleasure. With all that occurs within the world today, it would be beneficial to turn on a specific radio called “scanner” for the latest news break.

This app provides a wide range of new outlet scanners including police, weather, marine, and air traffic just to name a few. There are perks to listening in on live reports. Instead of attempting to catch a channel when it is scheduled, you can hear live in-action reports as they occur. The nearest scanners will populate. The consumer can choose to add the most recently added scanners and add scanners as favorites. The top 50 scanners are also viewable so picking a favorite can be simple.

The top 50 radio scanners are also viewable so picking a favorite can be simple.

Try to turn on notifications through Scanner Radio – Fire and Police Scanner! Major events are being covered when you are not on the app, away from your device or not listening to a specific scanner at the time. That is why the notifications feature is key. Get notified by a message to open and hear the latest story. Plus, you’re alerted whenever a new scanner is added to the app’s directory.

The extra Wow! Factor. There is a Pro version equipped with more features. For $2.99 a month, you can access all color schemes included in the app, record audio from scanners and no ads are advertised. Also, a play button is available to listen to scanners without accessing the player screen like the standard version on this app. If there are a few dollars to spare throughout your month, purchasing the pro version is a great investment.

So why download this app?

It’s a great alternative to a newspaper or television recordings on an event. You will get the latest news information from almost fields. Furthermore, you are not limited to only nearby scanners. There are thousands of scanners available to hear from across the world.

If you know you are a news fanatic – join the Scanner Radio – Fire and Police Scanner app community today! Available on both iOS and Android compatible devices.

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