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Our report on penetration testing gives clarity of your system’s vulnerabilities. At JumpGrowth, we are equipped with the best tools to determine the weakest points so that your application can be saved from security attacks.

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Assured JumpGrowth Benefits


We help you to manage tests, set the scope of testing, and suggest modifications as per our review. All you need to do is to have your application with you. So that we can perform testing on the overall application.


We are working with different applications and hence understand the most effective steps which need to be taken to test your application.


We always send you a detailed report after each step-in penetration testing and give you the best remedy for it.


You will always get high-quality results every time even if you are scaling your application's strengths, for example number of active users.

What is Unique in our Penetration Testing Process

Before starting any testing method, we try to determine the customer’s scope. We will try to gather more information about your application and will explain the overall process that your application will go through during the process.

Information Acquisition

Our Experts use a variety of tools such as Burp Suite and CyberChef and then we will make our strategies as per your application's requirements. This data will help us to precisely assess the risk.

Examination of Potential Attacks

Experts at JumpGrowth will carefully examine all potential attack vectors. The acquired data from this stage will act as a foundation for the next stage.

Detecting Risks and Attacks

To achieve a high degree of penetration, we employ a variety of techniques and the latest technologies to protect your application's data. We scan your application to identify attack routes or vulnerabilities.


In this step, our experts compiled all the data we gather in our previous steps and submit to the client a complete, comprehensive breakdown of our results. The report will include a high-level analysis by our experts. This final report has a summary of all the hazards, strengths, and faults.

Discussion and Correction

Once we are finished with our process, we will contact you to help you to understand the report and then decide on the best fix to address these issues. Then our team of experts will prepare a detailed report on the remedies that you can add to increase the security of your system after a thorough discussion with the client.

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We use Different Types of Penetration Testing Methods at JumpGrowth

External testing
In this test, we test the company’s website and particularly the domain name service to check for vulnerabilities.
Internal testing
In this testing method, we target your application as we are your company’s employees to detect any data breach.
Blind testing
In this testing, we try to attack your application as an outsider or hacker. This testing is based on real-time testing methods.
Double Blind Testing
In this type of testing, we try to attack the system without letting your testers. This testing also helps us to understand your application’s weak points.
Targeted testing
In this testing method, we work closely with your company’s security personnel and provide them feedback based on the test methods we applied in previous methods.

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Find the perfect developer for your next project at the right price.

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What do you expect from JumpGrowth!

Best Advice

We have the best advisers that can help you how to rectify it even if the fault is minute. Hence, we are in the top penetration companies.

Certified Experts

We have highly experienced and certified experts that possess the best understanding of the latest tools.

Effective Communication

Our experts will try to give improvised results and guarantee the security of your application. They will discuss each crucial piece of information with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Technical Evaluation

You must perform this test once a year or whenever there is a notable change in your application.
The total time may differ as per your application’s scope. As per our experience, this test will take from 2 to 4 weeks to complete.
Yes, you can do but we recommend taking experts helps to detect all the risks and defects quickly.
Yes, you can do but we recommend taking experts helps to detect all the risks and defects quickly.