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    Functional Testing

    Quality of good Software can be summed by its ability of performing tasks and features that it was expected to perform functionally. This is what makes the functional testing very important and essential for any software development cycle.

    JumpGrowth provides unmatched functional testing services for your software products and development lifecycles. Our expert team of QA & Testing engineers can help with.

    Testing each function in the apps​

    Functional testing can best be performed by reading through software requirements or interview the stakeholders and perform tests as an end user on the various modules and aspects of the software.​

    Manual Testing​

    JumpGrowth offers its experience in the QA process by using our proprietary set of global test cases to be checked in general on the usual needs of the software. The process is then extended by creating test cases that are used to check all the functionality of the software. These test cases then are verified and approved by the client to start performing manual testing. Manual testing involves an expert testing engineer performing the required user test cases and checking their success on software.

    Automated Testing​

    JumpGrowth offers to automate the functional testing through use of various industry standard tools like Selenium, Watir, etc. Our expert test engineers not only understand how to execute the automated testing scripts but can also create these scripts as per the needs of the software testing cycle.

    Compatibility Testing​

    Software needs to be compatible not just across operating systems, but also across multiple devices or browsers. Testing experts at JumpGrowth, with our unique ways of mixing tools and devices in our labs, can help you understand how your software performs on various platforms and devices.​

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    Integration Testing​

    Development of software often goes through small cycles and modules. It becomes imperative for the quality of software that it must be checked all together once in the end as it is integrated together. The testing engineers check the functionality of all modules together that may have been tested earlier for any issues or impacts that may have been brought by integrating all modules together.​

    Globalization Testing​

    JumpGrowth offers this set of testing under our special offerings for software that may be used in multiple locations and languages. With our experience we have created test cases libraries for international locations with respect to their currencies, number formats, phone numbers format, timezones etc. that helps our test engineers to check globalization needs of any software.

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