Bamm: Business Productivity Application

When and where. Effortlessly.

BAMM! was created to better connect us all and manage the tons of details that get in the way of great meetings. BAMM! is for people who want their time back and want to focus their life, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

totallypregnant: pregnancy aid apps

A total pregnancy experience.

Totally Pregnant lets you read all about your baby, week by week! You can take all of your prenatal classes online from the comfort of your own home. Write your birth plan, set up your baby registry, even find all the answers to your questions from our in-house pregnancy experts!

MeetPreneur: Business Networking Apps

Business Networking. Your Way.

MeetPreneur is a new way of networking within entrepreneur community. It provides a visual location based ability for business owners to offer their services and connect directly with other entrepreneurs in categories of one’s interest and choice.


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