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    Why Prefer Kotlin

    For Mobile App Development?


    Kotlin prevents common programming blunders such as design and application crashes.

    Lesser Bugs. 

    Kotlin compiler performs multiple checks, reducing the effort of fixing errors and avoiding runtime errors.


    Kotlin can build highly scalable server-end apps that can easily handle various clients with a slight hardware upgrade.


    Kotlin solves problems within fewer lines of code. Thus, it enables an effective and efficient change in code.


    Developers can start writing newer codes with Kotlin while keeping intact the older codes of the system in Java language.

    Easy Maintenance.

    You can write more robust code with Kotlin as the readability and maintenance are top-notch.

    Easy to Learn.

    Kotlin is very easy to learn, understand, and adopt. It comes with a very crystal clear and intuitive syntax.

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    What We Provide

    Quality coding. 100% ownership

    Safe, secure, and robust solutions

    Routine testing and maintenance

    Regular reports with assessment

    Flexible working hours for different time zones

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    Looking to build apps like Uber, Trello, Pinterest, Coursera, and Netflix? JumpGrowth is a leading Kotlin app development company that leverages the power of the latest tech and tools for building state-of-the-art mobile and web apps.

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    Why Choose JumpGrowth

    For Your Next Business Idea?

    18+ Years In Industry

    We have been serving the development industry for over 18 years working with the best people in the market.

    Team Of Experts

    JumpGrowth works with a pool of innovative and competent individuals with a hunger for evolving tech.

    100% Proven Results

    We turn your unique requirements into reality using a proven approach to deliver timely projects within budget.

    Clients Stick With Us

    Various clients have been working with us for 10+ years because we build partnerships along with apps.

    Security Is The Key

    We, at JumpGrowth, stick to the data security standards and ensure that our developers value your integrity.

    Bridging The Gap

    We take pride in regularly bridging the gaps that exist between our client ideas and the latest technology.

    Light On Your Pocket

    Choose from our flexible business models to stay within timeframe and budget without cutting corners.

    Push The Limits Of What's Possible.



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    Our Six-Step Development Process

    From processing your requirement to delivering projects in time- JumpGrowth chooses an agile method to ensure swift completion. Our process is transparent and simple, with no hidden or upfront charges.



    Our expert will have an appointment with you, gather your preferred requirements, and give you full disclosure on feasibility, rates, and turnaround.



    Our project team will finalize the strategy, SDK, and the resources required for the tasks- so that we understand and meet your expectations on time.



    We will design a wireframe, produce a prototype, and furnish the sample for scrutiny. Once approved, we will commence actual app development work.


    Regular Updates

    We will explain the development phases to give you a clear picture of the service quality, turnaround time, and support- and will furnish timely reports for the same.



    Our team of developers will use a proprietary testing suite to test the developed modules for load, bugs, UI functioning, and other performance parameters.



    Once the app clears the multi-tier tests, we will queue it for deployment. We will continue providing support so that your app remains up-to-date during its service span.

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    Penetrate the mobile market with top-notch Kotlin apps built by our Kotlin application developers.


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