Are you ready with your application and looking to upload it to the google store? If yes, here is the step-by-step guide on how to upload an app to play store. As we know, smartphone usage is getting enhanced daily, and this enhancement comes with the increase in the development of android applications.  

 However, uploading applications is a crucial process. But to ease your process we are here with this guide so that you can add your application easily.  

 Moreover, approximately 2.7 million active applications are running on the google play store right now so to have your application first in the user’s search list this guide consists of some important points that you can keep in mind after publishing your application to this platform.  

 How to submit an app to google play store? 

 This guide with help you  how to add an app to google play store. Read the steps given below to submit your application to the play store and make it visible to your audience.  

  1. Make your developer’s account  
  2. Create a google wallet merchant and its linking to developer’s account  
  3. Create an application / Upload your application on the Play store 
  4. App store listing   
  5. Upload the android package kit 
  6. Add content rating  
  7. Choose the pricing and distribution model  
  8. Publish Your Android Application 

 Let us discuss every step-in detail.  

Creating reliable and user-friendly mobile applications is just not enough, uploading the application correctly on the play store is also important. This will help you to increase the reach of your application. Let us start with the first step which is to create a developer’s account.  

 1) Make your developer’s account  

google play developer console

 Upload your app on google store this is the first and most major step. This is said to be the backend controlling center of the google play store. With the help of this console, developers can upload their apps to the google store for android. This step comes with a registration fee of $25. After submitting this fee, developers can submit their application to the google store. This is a one-time fee, after this, you can submit apps to Google store for free.  

To set up a developer’s account on google store, you need to sign in using credentials and fill in your details such as your name, your country name, and more. It will take around 48 hours (about 2 days) or 2 days to get approved.  

To get done with the first step you need to follow the steps given below: 

  • Sign-In with Your Google Account 
  • Accept Developer Agreement 
  • Pay Registration Fee  
  • Complete Your Account Details 

 Once you filled in your account details carefully. You can jump to the second step which is to create a merchant wallet. 

 2) Create a google wallet merchant and its linking to developer’s account 

link merchant account panel

 To proceed with the process of  upload app to google play store  successfully. You need to set up your google wallet merchant. This is a mandatory step if you want your app to support in-app purchases.  

To create a google wallet merchant, follow the steps given below: 

  • Sign in to your google play console. 
  • Click on Reports  
  • Click on the Financial Reports option. 
  • Select Set up a merchant account now 
  • Add the details carefully  

  Note: To link your developer’s account to the google wallet merchant. You need to sign in to your google play console with the same credentials that you used in step 1 to create your developer’s account.  

 Let us jump on the next major step to follow in the guide on How to add an app to the Google Play store.  

 3) Create an application / Upload your application on the Play store 

publisher account panel

This is another crucial step to upload your application to the Play Store. If you are not signed in yet with your developer’s account credentials, then you need to sign in again. Then once you successfully logged in. Follow the steps in the order given below: 

  • Go to the ‘All applications’ tab  
  • Click on the ‘Create Application’ tab in the top right corner of your screen  
  • Choose your application’s default language as per your preferences from the drop-down menu. 
  • Add your application’s title  
  • Click on create in the bottom left corner.  

 Note: You can change your application’s title in the future if you need  

Now, as you are done with this step. Let us help you to understand the next step. This step will help you to get an idea about what is App store listing is in the Google Play store. 

 4) App store listing  

fill app store details

To complete this step around How to Upload an app to Google Store, you need to fill in the details. You must carefully fill out all the information that you have already prepared.  

To add the application description, you must use the appropriate words that are related to your application. This description will help you enhance your application’s searches and increase its downloads. You can fill this brief description of your application in 0-30 characters.  

5) Upload the android package kit 

upload android package

 This is a very crucial step. In this step, you need to use APK or APP bundle files to sign the app release and upload them with your application. Publishing applications will app bundle files lets your users install your application in a very less time as it helps in increasing the compressed download size of your android application to 150 MB.  

  • In the menu, Navigate to ‘Release management 
  • Then click on ‘App Release’  
  • Then you have four options to choose from to release your android application: 
  1. Internal test  
  2. Close test 
  3. Production release 
  4. Open Test 

 Once you choose from the above options you can proceed with the process: 

 Click on ‘Create Release’ 

 6) Add content rating  

content rating

 The next step in the guide onHow to add an app to google play store is to rate the content. By default, your application has been listed as unrated. So, it is crucial to add the content rating to your application. In this step, we will be reading about what are your responsibilities as an application developer.  

 To do content rating for your application. Follow the steps below: 

 Navigate to the left panel of your screen. 

You will find the Content Rating option. Click on that.  

After reading it carefully. Click on the continue button  

 In this step, you need to fill out a questionnaire for your application. You can do this by selecting the ‘Save Questionnaire’ following by choosing the ‘Calculate Rating’ option to see your android application. The last step is to apply by clicking on APPLY 

7) Choose the pricing and distribution model  

pricing and distribution panel

Tagging a certain price with your application is a crucial step in How to upload an app to Google play store guide.

In this step, you must choose whether you want your application free or paid along with the choice of countries where you want to release your android application. Google will not allow you to publish your application worldwide. You can select countries to publish your application from the list of given countries.  

To set up a pricing and distribution model for your android application you must follow these steps:  

  • Log in with your developer’s account on the google play store. 
  • In Menu, go to the Pricing and Distribution tab  
  • Choose paid or free as per your preferences.  
  • Choose countries where you want to publish your application 
  • In primary child detection, if your application suits children under 13 years, then you should select yes otherwise no. Carefully read this point before marking.  

 Note: You must choose from free and paid carefully as this is going to be permanent. Google will not allow you to change your decision further.  

 8)Publish Your Android Application 

store listing panel

 Finally, you can publish your application on the google Play store and this is the last step. Here are the steps that you need to follow to publish your app to this platform.  

  •  Go to the App Release option 
  • Select Manage Production 
  • Select Edit Release  
  • Click Review 
  • Click on ‘Start Rollout to production 
  • Click on confirm the option 

 If you still find any difficulty uploading your application on the google store, then you can contact a Mobile app development company such as JumpGrowth. They can advise you on the best solutions to your queries.  

 What to do after submission of your android application?  

 Now, as you successfully uploaded your application to Google play. You need to make some mobile app strategies to advertise your application and increase the reach of your application.  

 Promote your application on social media  

 Everyone has several social media accounts with them. Based on your target audience you can choose the best social media platforms to advertise your application. Your online presence also helps in building trust among your application’s users. You can run campaigns to draw your audience’s focus to your application. You can ask your existing users about the issues and queries they have as feedback through social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. This will help you plan your application’s enhancements as per the need of your application users.  

 Concentrate on updates, support, and maintenance 

 Uploading an application successfully to the google play store is just not enough. Your applications must come with some updates periodically. Also, you cannot overlook the maintenance and support activities. If any user is facing any trouble while using your application, then you must sort this issue within a specific period.   

 Press Releases  

 Your brand gets promoted by press releases. It will help to add the best search engine optimization keywords to your brand. Press releases will help your business to get recognized by your audience easily.  


We hope this guide on How to add an app to google play store is helpful for you. In this guide along with the steps to follow to upload an application on google play store, we discussed the points that you should have in mind after submission of your application. 

But we cannot deny the point that the success of any application depends on the purpose of that application.  

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Frequently asked Questions on How to upload an app to Google play store 

 1.How much does it cost to upload an app to the Play Store? 

Ans) To upload your application, you need to pay 25$ as a registration cost. This will be a one-time cost so after you get done with this payment you are free to upload as many android applications as free.  

 2)What are the things to consider while publishing the android application?

Ans) You need to have high-quality screenshots, application descriptions and compiled APK ready with you to upload the application successfully on the play store.  

 3) Where can I provide the privacy policy link with my application?

Ans) Google Play store has provided you with an App Content page. From this page, you can add the privacy policy link to your application. 

 4) Can I unpublish my android application from the google play store? 

Ans) Yes, you can publish your application based on your requirements. You can do this by navigating to the advanced settings on the app availability tab.  

 5)  Can I change the details of my application on the Google Play Store?  

Ans) Yes, you can change the description of your android application. You can also edit screenshots and promo videos for your application on the google play store.  

 6) Can I edit target countries on the google play store? 

Ans) Yes, you can edit the published countries in your application. You can change it via the Release tab.