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Loan Mantra is a boutique advisory firm providing corporate finance services to emerging, growth and middle market companies in US. The team has over 35 years of experience in small business and middle market industries. This expertise, coupled with the firm’s integrated commercial lending technology, BLUETM, provides a perfect match every time. Loan Mantra’s top priority is to help small businesses achieve their ultimate goal by providing the services as strategic advisory, start-ups financing, equipment loans, commercial mortgage, business line of credit, SBA (Small Business Administration) Loans.
BLUETM is a commercial lending platform offered by Loan Mantra which helps in automating the complete process flow for lending loans to individual and corporates. Platform connects the loan applications to appropriate advisors/partners and provides them the flexibility to evaluate all the credit risks and documents required from the applicant

The Problem

  • Platform developed was not properly architecture and documented. Architecture was non-scalable both at the server side and application side.
  • Platform was not having any documentation to understand the process and functionalities developed in the system.
  • Platform was not adhering the any enterprise level security required as a pre-requisite for 3rd party integrations.
  • Data discrepancies in the loan application both across lend services and hcanow.
  • Platform was lacking the capabilities for dynamic document infrastructure as per the lender and loan category.
  • Platform require some additional document templates to be defined in the system as per the loan category and business type.
  • Platform required the implementation of digital signature of the documents.
  • Loan application has to be mapped manually to each of the advisors.
  • Platform need to provide the functionality to evaluate the Credit Risks for business and individual
  • Platform need to be enhanced by providing capabilities for auto-generating documents based on the loan applications.
  • HCA wanted to re-brand the complete system to BlueTM as part of Loan Mantra.
  • As a branding strategy, Loan mantra wanted to offer platform for Partners, advisors and customers under one roof.

The Solution

  • OTS started relationship with Loan Mantra by helping them to resolve all the existing functional issues occurring in the platform developed by previous vendor.
  • OTS did the complete transition from the previous vendor by understanding the complete system, doing code reviews and documenting the complete process workflows.
  • OTS migrated the complete system to Azure for improving scalability and reliability.
  • OTS implemented robust security techniques to enhance system security including the implementation of SSL.
  • OTS implemented a dynamic document template architecture which helps the system administrator to map the templates with existing lenders, loan types, partners and category. Architecture helped to generate pre-filled documents (based on the data in loan application) for the users and also allow the user to manually upload against the required application type.
  • OTS changed the architecture to remove the data discrepancies in the applications from both the borrower and advisor side.
  • OTS helped in integration of DOCUSIGN API for digital signature of documents from the borrower.
  • OTS helped to develop the algorithm for automating the mapping of the lenders and advisors as per the loan application.
  • OTS evaluated and implemented the SMART API for providing the credit reports of individual/business to the advisors.
  • OTS helped HCANOW to rebrand the complete marketing strategy by launching new brand LoanMantra (developed in WordPress) with integrating the existing platform (developed in .Net) renamed as “BLUETM”.
  • OTS helped bringing lendservices and hcanow to one umbrella of Loan Mantra by integrating under sub-domain and

The Result

Technology Stack Used

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Loan Mantra

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