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    Event Management Application Development Services

    Event management application development services are essential in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world. These services provide a comprehensive solution for managing and organizing distinct types of events, including conferences, trade shows, and corporate gatherings. 

    Types of Application We build

    trade show

    Trade Shows

    Jumpgrowth develops featureful Trade shows app by employing a comprehensive and strategic approach. We focus on creating a visually appealing and intuitive interface, ensuring easy navigation and access to relevant information.

    Exhibitions App

    Exhibitions App

    Jumpgrowth takes a user-centered approach, conducting thorough research to understand the target audience and their preferences, and then works closely with exhibition organizers to tailor the app to our client’s specific needs. 

    Concerts App

    Concerts App

    We focus on creating an immersive user experience by integrating various features like seamless ticket purchasing, real-time concert updates, artist bios, interactive maps, and personalized recommendations.

    Festivals App

    Festivals App

    Jumpgrowth develops featureful music festivals app by integrating a range of cutting-edge features that enhance the overall experience for festivalgoers.  

    Sports App

    Sporting Event App

    Through an extensive research and development process, Jumpgrowth can create a dynamic app that not only provides users with a comprehensive sports experience, but also ensures they are fully immersed in the world of Sports. 

    Entertainment App

    Entertainment App

    Jumpgrowth is an innovative company that excels at developing featureful entertainment apps. Jumpgrowth understands the evolving needs and demands of the audience. We create apps that offer a wide range of features, ensuring users have a personalized and immersive experience.  

    Event Schedule App

    Event Schedule App

    JumpGrowth is a leading software development company that specializes in creating custom event schedule apps. Additionally, our apps are designed to be easily customizable, enabling organizers to make changes and updates effortlessly.

    Conference Apps

    Conference Apps

    Jumpgrowth develops featureful Conference apps by combining innovative technology with strong user experience design. We prioritize creating a seamless and intuitive platform for both event organizers and participants. 

    Wedding app

    Wedding event management app

    Jumpgrowth is an event management app development company that specializes in wedding event management solutions and is renowned for its ability to build featureful platforms.

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    Features for Custom Event Applications

    Secure Payment Processing

    Event management applications prioritize the security of online transactions. They provide secure payment processing options, ensuring that attendees' credit card information remains safe. With built-in payment gateways, participants can confidently make purchases, knowing their sensitive data is protected. 

    Task and Project Management

    Event management applications often offer task and project management features that help organizers stay organized and focused. These tools allow you to create and assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track progress. 

    Event Timeline and Checklist

    Event management applications provide event timelines and checklists to keep you on track. From sending out invitations to booking vendors, these tools help you visualize the entire event planning process and ensure that all essential tasks are completed promptly. 

    Venue Selection and Booking

    Event management applications often come with venue selection and booking features, allowing organizers to search for suitable locations based on specific criteria, such as capacity, amenities, and location.  

    Room Layout and Seating Arrangements

    Creating an optimal seating arrangement can be a daunting task, especially for large conferences or banquet-style events. Event management applications provide tools to design room layouts and seating arrangements, ensuring that every attendee has a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

    Catering and Menu Planning

    Food is an integral part of any event, and event management applications recognize this. They often include features for catering and menu planning, enabling organizers to collaborate with catering services, select menus, and manage dietary restrictions or special meal requests.

    Email and SMS Notifications

    Stay in touch with your attendees by sending them timely updates and reminders through email and SMS notifications. Whether it is a change in schedule or an important announcement, you can easily keep everyone in the loop. 

    Survey and Feedback Analysis

    Collecting feedback from attendees is essential for understanding their satisfaction and identifying areas for improvement. Event management applications often offer survey creation and analysis tools to help you gather valuable insights.

    Revenue and ROI Tracking

    If your event involves ticket sales or sponsorship, tracking revenue and return on investment (ROI) is crucial. Look for tools that allow you to monitor ticket sales, and revenue generated, and calculate your event's ROI to evaluate its financial success.

    CRM and Marketing Automation Integration

    Integrate your event management application with CRM systems and marketing automation platforms to streamline your communication efforts. By synchronizing attendee data, you can automate personalized follow-ups, nurture leads, and improve the overall event experience. 

    Integration with Social Media Platforms

    Social media plays a vital role in promoting events and engaging attendees. Look for event management applications that offer integration with popular social media platforms, making it easier to share updates, create buzz, and reach a wider audience.

    Collaborative Document and File Sharing

    Efficient collaboration among event organizers requires seamless document and file sharing. Look for applications that offer collaborative features like shared calendars, document repositories, and task management tools to ensure everyone involved is on the same page. 

    Data Encryption and Secure Storage

    Ensure that your event management application is equipped with advanced data encryption and secure storage measures. This helps safeguard attendee information and prevents unauthorized access. 

    User Access Control and Permissions

    Maintain control over who has access to specific features and data within the event management application by utilizing user access control and permissions. This ensures that only authorized individuals can make changes or view sensitive information.

    GDPR Compliance and Data Protection

    With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect, it is essential to choose an event management application that complies with data protection regulations.

    Event Application Development Process 

    • 01
      Design & Prototype
      Develop wireframes and user interface following prototype creation and usability testing.
    • 02
      We perform unit testing and code control after developing the application.
    • 03
      Perform load, special, and automated testing on application for multiple browsers and OS.
    • 04
      Perform infrastructure scaling after deploying the application.
    • 05
      We issue reports along with the new feature request in this step.

    Our Technology Stack 

     JumpGrowth’s event app developers worked with modern technologies to leverage your software.   


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    Java Script

    Objective C

    Objective C


    Libraries tech1

    WebSocket tech1




    Build Tools

    Jenkins tech11




    QA tools:

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    Selenium tech1


    Postman tech1


    apple 1

    Test Flight

    Application Monitoring





    Databases and Storages





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    Why choose JumpGrowth?

    20 years of Proven processes

    Jumpgrowth boasts a remarkable track record of two decades in delivering successful event management applications, making it a trusted and reliable partner in this field. We have refined and perfected its processes, ensuring that every event is meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

    Cutting Edge Tech Expertise

    Jumpgrowth has proven to be a leading force in the field of event management apps, owing to its cutting-edge technological expertise. With its innovative and comprehensive app solutions, Jumpgrowth has revolutionized the way events are organized, executed, and experienced 

    xshore 151

    X-Shore delivery model

    Jumpgrowth has implemented its X-shore delivery model in the development of an event management app. This model combines the advantages of onshore and offshore teams, allowing for efficient and cost-effective delivery of software solutions

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Event applications take up to USD 15,000 to 50,000.
    It would take around 2-4 months to build a basic event app. 

    The best way to build event planning apps involves a combination of thorough research, user-centric design, and seamless functionality. 

    • Firstly, understanding the needs and pain points of event planners is essential to create an app that addresses our client’s specific requirements.  
    • Secondly, designing a user-friendly and visually appealing interface ensures easy navigation and enhances user experience. 
    • Lastly, continuous testing and feedback collection during the development phase help eliminate glitches and improve overall performance.
    An event app should have a wide range of features to enhance the overall experience for attendees.
    • Firstly, it should have a user-friendly interface that allows easy navigation and quick access to information such as event schedules, venues, and speakers.
    • Additionally, it should provide real-time updates and notifications to keep attendees informed about any changes or important announcements.
    • Interactive features like chat rooms and networking platforms are essential for attendees to connect and engage in meaningful discussions.
    • Integration with social media platforms would also help in promoting the event and creating a buzz among potential attendees.

    It is possible to develop a conference event app using WordPress, but it may not be the most ideal platform for such a project. While WordPress does have a wide range of plugins and themes that can be used to build an app-like interface, it may lack specifically tailored features for event management, attendee registration, networking, agenda scheduling, and live streaming, amongst others.