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Connect Hearts with engaging dating apps!

With our Dating App Development services, you can reimagine how to find love using technology.

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    Create a dating app

    Exciting features similar to Tinder, Happn, OR Bumble! We shape your ideas into reality with unique match-making algorithm that brings two perfect souls together!
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    Do you have a unique concept?

    Our dating app developers help you transform your unique ideas into successful dating apps. 

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    Wondering How to make a dating app? Harness our experience and approach to build an app!
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    Features empowering your customized match-making dating app

    User App Features

    Multi-lingual support and translation

    The Journey of how to develop a dating app starts with an intention of making a globally accessible app. JumpGrowth has the best dating app developers to build successful dating apps as per your needs. 

    Advanced filtering

    Empower users to find love with convenience. Advanced filtering let your users find matches applying age, location, and preference filter.

    Extensive reach

    Let users in your app connect from one part of the globe to other! Include geo-mapping in your app that can connect users across latitudes & longitudes.

    Easy swipe matchmaking

    JumpGrowth dating apps offer smooth swipe control to make a match with your love interest.

    AI-Based matchmaking

    Create your own dating app with advanced AI-based matchmaking. We integrate facial recognition, and study-based matchmaking algorithms to make your app one of a kind!

    Profile Authentication

    Bring an automated profile authentication that helps you ensure all users are real. Make a trusted match making platform for users!

    Admin Panel features

    Easy access and control

    Manage all users within a single window! Check status and manage users, as we bring you easy access to your platform. JumpGrowth apps have easy access and control features for your customers. 

    Easy promotion and offerings

    Steal the attention of your users to retain them with you! Our embedded strategy planner and promo dashboard help you manage all offers efficiently

    Feature access control

    As an admin retain control over an advanced feature to deliver a positive user experience. Create an admin panel that can let you control all features in real-time.


    Get easy access to communications made in-app with embedded translation features. We make it available for your users in all possible languages.

    Performance tracking

    We help you track your app’s performance with regular insights about the performance and active users in a clearly-designed dashboard.

    Profile management

    Create an app better than Tinder with the same dating app development cost. With easy profile management, we let you control registered profiles to reduce fraudulence.

    JumpGrowth’s Exclusive Dating App Development Services ​

    iOS Based Dating App Development

    We help you with the best and most scalable iOS dating applications.

    LGBTQ Dating App Development

    We create dating apps with outstanding features for LGBTQ. 

    Community Based Dating App Development

    Helping you build apps focused on a specific community.  

    Android Based Dating App Development

    We have talented android developers to develop your android-based dating apps. 

    Matrimonial Dating App Development

    Our dating apps allow you to find the desired person according to your liking and preferences. 

    Religion-Based Dating App Development

    With our dating apps you can design it for users to date persons with same religious beliefs

    Our Technology Stack for Developing Dating Application




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    Monetize your dating app

    Crypto integration

    Accommodate additional swipes and rewinds along with premium communication features with an exchange of digital tokens/ crypto. 

    Messaging commission

    Our app development process utilizes in-app buying modules that come integrated with chat functions to help you earn a commission.

    Video/ audio call commission

    Set up payment gateway in the app that helps you earn a commission at times when digital tokens get used for making a call.

    Freemium Model

    Setup your subscription plans with premium in app purchase features adding more boost to your user profiles.

    Hire JumpGrowth as your dating app development company for budget-friendly development!

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    Dating App

    Why Entrepreneurs love working with us!

    Tailored Match Making algorithm

    Easy Filtering

    Advanced privacy protection

    In app purchases

    Profile tools

    Over 15 years experience

    Want to launch a unique match-making app? Get! Set! Live! Join us to build a dating app.

    Looking for the best team iOS and android dating app developers?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A dating application requires approximately 25,000 – 40,000 USD for first MVP release. This cost depends on a few factors such as your application’s features. If your application consists of more features, then it may cost a higher price to create such a dating mobile application.

    The tinder app is successful because of its user interface design. Apart from that, it makes the entire process of meeting people and building relationships smooth. If you want to create an application like tinder, then the primarily thing that you need to concentrate on is the user interface. Additionally, you must select the proper technology stack to create an app like tinder

    The goal of a dating application is to ease the process for people who are in search to build serious relationships. One of the major requirements to make your dating application successful is to make its interface as smooth as possible. Your dating application should be able to fulfil your user’s basic needs. Apart from this, your application must be highly secure in terms of data such as personal information. 

    If you want to develop an app like tinder, then you must first understand its features and algorithm. For example, swiping right and left is one of the key features of the tinder app. When using the tinder application, the score is always added with a like. Other features such as searching for matches, defining your hobbies, and more. Study the tinder application if you want to make an application comparable to it, and then start working on what more features you can include that are not there in the existing system. 

    At JumpGrowth, our staff is sincere and knowledgeable in their skills. In addition to that our team believes in creating user-friendly applications. Our team is goal-oriented, flexible, reliable, and responsible. We always provide you with solutions as per your need.