food delivery app

Introduction- Food Delivery App: 

Doordash is a best food delivery apps that allows consumers to order food from their favorite restaurants. Doordash is also an excellent app because it gives an opportunity to drivers to make additional income on their own schedule.  

Features and Tools: 

Doordash has a few interesting features; one being that you can easily track your food from the time it’s being prepared to when the driver is at your doorstep. The app allows you to see in real-time where the driver is with your order and its ability to give you an exact time of delivery best in market food delivery app.  


App Rating:   

  • User Friendly: 4.4 
  • Design: 4.1 
  • Features: 4.2
  • Engagement: 4.3 
  • Reliability: 4 
  • Overall Score: 4.6 

App Details: 

  • Size: 32.83MB
  • Version: 15.32.23 
  • Downloads: 10 million + 
  • Released: May 26 2016 

 Final Thoughts: 

Doordash (iOS, Android): The best food delivery mobile apps. Has excellent service and delivery times and it is by far one of the best food delivery Apps on the market right now. During the Covid-19 crisis that we currently find ourselves in, Doordash contactless delivery has been an excellent way to keep restaurants in business and keep their clients satisfied.  


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