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Voice Enabled Bar Inventory

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Voice Enabled Bar Inventory

VoiceStar.ai is a SaaS-based platform providing an AI-based mobile application to restaurant/bar professionals for managing their bar & food inventories with help of language voice. The app helps reduce multiple manual hours spent accounting for inventories compared to current systems.

VoiceStar.ai targets the legacy business process using advanced AI, and has the following objectives: 1. Reduce the time & cost involved in taking inventory, 2. Automate routine and task management, 3. Reduce management turnover with voice assistance over keyboards.

The Problem

  • The client approached us with a very innovative vision of managing their bar inventories with the help of human voice. The target audience was bar and restaurant owners in the MVP phase.
  • The client was concerned with the technology, and was looking for a scalable robust solution to help them connect with their target audience.
  • The client wanted us to suggest the core voice transcription technology for the product.
  • The users needed access to reports instantly after completion of the inventory.
  • The client was looking for an edit function that would allow users to edit their transcribed data during the voice counting process.
  • The client wanted to implement voice-enabled inventory updates to reduce paperwork.
  • The client wanted to have some checks that needed to work in the backend for differentiating the product type while importing it into the system.
  • The client wanted a marketing website with the functionalities that allow users to buy a subscription plan or log in to their web portal. They have introduced some changes inside of this module like coupon codes and one-time setup for their users.

The Solution

  • We analyzed the requirements of the client and provided the appropriate technology solution for launching their idea into the app market.
  • We suggested a technology stack that included scalable, serverless AWS Lex and Lambda.
  • We implemented the UI/UX design, which meets the client’s expectations by providing a simple user flow.
  • We trained the Lex natural language processing algorithm to catch the words matching with products stored in customer inventory.
  • We included the ability for providing alias names for single products. 
  • We implemented fuzzy search to find matching keywords even with misspells etc.
  • Users get real-time visuals of their purchases, sales, and usage reports in dollars & percentages. 
  • We included inline editing of any transcribed data for correcting transcription mistakes.
  • The application can work like Alexa or Google Assistant where the users can speak to update their inventories through voice.
  • There’s flexibility in the backend for importing their product lists including food or bar items.
  • We helped with creating the marketing website by implementing the functionality for buying business subscription plans for easy on boarding of new customers.
  • We created the coupon code functionality to have discounted pricing on the subscription plans.

The Result

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Voice Enabled Bar Inventory

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