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Online Grocery Store

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Online Grocery Store

ShopItEzy is a grocery store app that helps its users order groceries that are directly delivered to their doorsteps. They maintain partnerships with over a thousand suppliers to deliver the grocery items successfully to their customers. Their delivery team acts as a bridge between their valuable customers & suppliers/franchises to deliver within accurate times.

The Problem

  • The client came to us with their high-level thoughts and wanted to start this project from scratch.
  • The client needed a mobile application for delivering grocery products to their customers.
  • The client wanted to manage different postal codes for showing the products to their customers, and wanted to associate the postal codes with the franchises & suppliers. They did not want to have more than one supplier or franchise in the same postal code.
  • The client needed the flexibility for their franchises to deliver bulk orders to ShopItEzy’s drivers.
  • The client wanted to implement their business logic for splitting the payments between the platform owner and franchises/suppliers.
  • The client needed different community filters for listing out the products for their valuable customers.
  • The client wanted to have the tags functionality that can be mapped with single or multiple postcodes.
  • The client is from Australia, and plans to expand the business nationally.

The Solution

  • We analyzed and developed our client’s vision into developing a robust mobile application. We also developed a delivery platform that will help their customers receive their orders at their doorsteps. We started with the design phase, worked on wireframes in the initial stage, and transformed them into very attractive design screens.
  • We launched a mobile application that will help customers easily order grocery products online.
  • We developed postcodes management software, and gave the flexibility to the platform admin to map products and franchises/suppliers with postcodes.
  • We allowed the franchises to assign bulk orders manually, and the drivers can prioritize the assigned orders on their own.
  • We implemented split payments with Stripe payment gateway.
  • We customized the filters, allowing users to search products of their choice. 
  • We incorporated tagging products with the flexibility to map them to single or multiple postcodes.
  • We implemented highly scalable software architecture to grow with the client’s vision of going national and international.

Four different user journeys implemented


  • Provided elastic search for searching the products directly by typing the keywords.
  • Implemented real-time order status & notifications.
  • Included the filtering of products based on the community types added from the backend.


  • Franchises can assign bulk orders to the delivery partners.
  • Franchises are allowed to manage the inventory of the groceries.
  • Franchises can make product listings mapped with different community filters and postal codes.


  • There is smooth communication and notifications between suppliers and franchise.
  • Suppliers can maintain the order history in real-time without any glitches.
  • Only one supplier will get mapped with one postal code, and there is no overlapping.

Delivery Partners​

  • There is live navigation with customer & franchise location.
  • There is an availability toggle for taking new orders.
  • The orders management process is smooth and seamless.

The Result

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Online Grocery Store

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