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Lever5 is a web-based US stock trading platform, where people can trade stocks with trading credits, bought with actual money. It’s a platform to trade on stock price movements through private peer-to-peer contracts without paying any trading commission. Lever5 offers a unique trading mechanism for superior earning potentials and freedom of day trading.
The purpose of this web app is to let people trade stocks by setting the maximum price movement percentage of the stock and putting in the corresponding amount in the form of trading credits as collateral.
The system is designed to allow multiple levels of leverage by offering maximum price movements and lever numbers. Users can limit their leverage level to as low as 5% and to as high as 100%.

The Problem

  • Client wanted a secure web application where people can trade US stocks without using actual money with the help of virtual trading credits.
  • Client wanted a web application where users can check real-time data of nearly 8379 stocks listed in NASDAQ on their dashboard
  • Client wanted a web application where traders can set the maximum price movement percentage of the stock by allowing different levels of leverages ranging from 5% to 100%.
  • Client wanted functionality that will provide all the latest news of the US stock market on the user’s dashboard.
  • Client wanted to offer different subscription plans for the platform.
  • Client wanted an easy and flexible trade settlement functionality for the users.
  • Client wanted an easy money transfer feature that allows users to transfer the money earned by trading to their bank account or PayPal account.
  • Client wanted an admin panel to manage users, User roles, trades and subscriptions.
  • Client wanted functionality in the admin panel to have a daily IO report of nearly 9000 stocks on 30 different parameters.
  • Client wanted an HTML editor to add announcements from the admin panel.

The Solution

  • JumpGrowth created a responsive web application for users where they can trade US stocks with Trading Credits as a value unit which they can purchase on the web application.
  • Thousands of users are now trading on Lever5 using the unique and innovative Lever5 system that provides easy money transfer, real-time data, levered trading power and a secure platform.
  • We created a system which allows thirteen levels of leverage ranging from 5% to 100% by offering a combination of four levels of maximum price movements and five lever numbers.
  • We integrated quotemedia and qmod for showing advanced charting and real-time data of nearly 9000 stocks listed in NASDAQ.
  • We used Chart.js for implementing multiple types of charts in the application.
  • We created a Trade Matching Algorithm that helps users to always get a match for their trade.
  • We created a system which offers a flexible settlement schedule for users to force settle their day trades on the same day, upcoming week or month.
  • We implemented the latest stock market news functionality on the user’s dashboard.
  • We implemented PayPal and Stripe as payment gateways.
  • We created a system that shows Gains/Losses in form of trading credits by converting USD to Trading Credits in real-time.
  • We created an admin panel where the admin can manage users, manage trades and manage subscriptions.
  • We created an HTML editor for the admin to add announcements with the functionality of embedding links, images and videos in content.
  • We created an admin dashboard that shows Sales Statistics, Suspended Stocks and allows the admin to export daily IO reports of 9000 stocks.

The Result

Technology Stack Used

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