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Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Vow Timer

Vow Timer is an app for the wedding guests that came for the party. Vow Timer provides a platform for Wedding guests to connect pre-ceremony and take bets on what everyone’s thinking and how long the ceremony going to take. Wedding guests can bet on the time it takes for the ceremony to end.
The host creates the event and invites the others to bet on the scheduled wedding and is responsible for defining the betting amount for each user. The purpose of this app is to connect with other guests at the wedding and count the seconds until the real party starts
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GA Footprint Calculator is a digital platform for companies, academic institutions and communities that care about the environment and help their people contribute to tackling climate challenges.
The GA Footprint Calculator is designed to empower people to easily quantify the connection between making sustainable lifestyle choices daily and their impact on their climate footprint. GA uses a consumption-based accounting approach to track the global impact of carbon emissions and help users track their activities over time.
This application allows users to set goals, track their contributions and participate in green challenges.

Voice Enabled Bar Inventory is a SaaS-based platform providing an AI-based mobile application to restaurant/bar professionals for managing their bar & food inventories with help of language voice. The app helps reduce multiple manual hours spent accounting for inventories compared to current systems.
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Fireflies is a social app for users to enjoy discounted drinks while inviting friends to bars & restaurants, and publicly or privately pinning their location on the in-app map. Additionally, the bar owners can use this platform to market themselves and post offers to users. Fireflies is a great platform to find new bars and restaurants while earning loyalty points.
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fireflies gallery 5 portrait (2)

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