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A Document Management Application

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V1A is a part of document management solution suite from 1Mage. V1A Mobile (Document Management Application) is an extension to their existing web based document platform that provides users a way to access their scanned and indexed electronic documents on 1Mage platform.

The Problem

1Mage being an existing client wanted JumpGrowth to create a user friendly cross platform mobile app for their customers that can be a wrapper around the responsive web platform that is developed for them by us. They wanted the app to be cross platform and have the same look and feel in the app stores as their web app.

The Solution

JumpGrowth worked on the app with 1Mage team and provided them with a cross platform app developed and released in short span of time. The app is live and can be used by existing users of V1A platform to:

  • Authenticate and login using the existing license mechanism 1Mage offers
  • Inquire module to search for documents already indexed in the system on basis of tag values attached
  • Index the documents directly from the phones into the system database using the backend API
  • Download the documents as images or single and multi page pdf documents after performing a search

The Result

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A Document Management Application

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