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Ship It Pro

Ship It Pro introduces a groundbreaking B2B Load Planning Software, revolutionizing cargo management with its 3D interactive load diagrams and collaborative communication features
Ship It Pro wanted to build a B2B Load Planning Software which would provide end-to-end securement and damage prevention solutions to the shipping companies.This should help in the reduction of waste due to cargo damage, freight claims and financial claims.
Ship It Pro is digitizing the manual transaction of loading and unloading to provide bottom-up collaborative communication between the shippers, carriers, receivers and insurers.
It will provide a standard operating procedure to the loading dock on proper loading, blocking and bracing and rules and regulations into a 3D interactive load diagram

The Problem

  • Inefficient manual transaction processes for cargo loading and unloading.
  • Lack of standardized procedures for proper loading, blocking, and bracing.
  • Poor communication between shippers, carriers, receivers, and insurers.
  • Difficulty in ensuring securement and damage prevention during transit.
  • Frequent instances of cargo damage leading to freight claims and financial losses.
  • Limited visibility into load status and conditions during transport.
  • Insufficient tools for analyzing and optimizing cargo loading patterns.
  • Inability to provide real-time feedback and address issues during transit.
  • Challenges in meeting regulatory compliance and safety standards.
  • Increasing complexity of supply chain logistics and cargo management.

The Solution

JumpGrowth implemented digitized load planning processes to enhance cargo management efficiency. We standardized procedures and developed interactive 3D load diagrams to ensure securement. Additionally, we established a collaborative communication platform for stakeholders throughout the supply chain. The solution includes data analysis for optimizing loading patterns and mitigating risks, alongside real-time feedback and monitoring capabilities during transit. Comprehensive destination reporting and documentation features were integrated, along with streamlined user management and access control functionalities

To detail the functionalities:

  • Shipping managers can generate 3D interactive load diagrams based on transport mode, product details, packaging, pallet sizes, and dunnage.
  • They can virtually arrange pallets and dunnage within containers based on unit weights and sizes, creating interactive load diagrams.
  • Diagram sharing with secondary users like loading managers, customs inspectors, and receiving shipping managers is facilitated.
  • Shipping managers can grant view and edit access to secondary users.
  • Secondary users can generate consolidated destination reports for each pallet, detailing parameters like load shifts, primary packaging failures, and dunnage failures.
  • Secondary users can capture shipment images and include them in destination reports.
  • Shipping managers can share loading and securing information with receivers at the destination.
  • Receiving shipping managers can provide feedback starting from door opening at the destination.
  • Secondary users can edit load diagrams during the loading process.
  • Customer admins can add shipping managers, and super admins can add customer admins to the platform.

The Result

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Technology Stack Used

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Ship It Pro

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