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The primary objective of the Simplified Feedback application is to provide retail and service businesses with the capability to conveniently gather feedback from their customers. This application targets small-scale retail and service businesses with a straightforward means of obtaining feedback from both their customers and non-customers. 

The Problem

  • Client wanted a mobile app where customers can easily provide feedback to the retail and services.
  • The client sought an application that would allow customers to provide feedback via a QR code scanning feature, which would subsequently direct them to the business profile and enable them to submit ratings and supplementary comments.
  • The client requested an application that would enable customers to submit feedback anonymously.
  • The client desired a functionality that would permit businesses to establish a business profile and monitor the feedback provided by their customers.
  • The client required a functionality that would display the monthly average rating and generate a graph depicting the range of customer ratings.
  • The client requested a functionality that would enable business administrators to generate a QR code flyer and subsequently download the flyer in PDF format.
  • Client wanted an admin panel to manage users, businesses and feedback.

The Solution

  • JumpGrowth developed an iOS mobile application that allows users to search for businesses and provide ratings and feedback.
  • Customers have the ability to scan a QR code, which redirects them to the respective business profile, where they can view business details and provide feedback and ratings.
  • Customer can provide feedback without creating an account, thus preserving anonymity.
  • Businesses can create and manage their profiles on the app and track feedback and ratings received from customers.
  • Businesses can check their monthly rating and the number of ratings in a bar graph.
  • Business administrators can generate QR code flyers and download them as PDFs.
  • An admin panel was also created for the client to manage users, business profiles, and feedback.

The Result

Technology Stack Used

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Simplified Feedback App

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