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Sportstalk is a sport debating app where users can engage in face-to-face debates on their favorite sports topics using this app designed specifically for sporting discussions. Users can start or join a debate about their favorite sport and sports topics with people WORLDWIDE!


Users can also watch other people’s debates on the timeline and vote on who they think won the debate, the winners based on their winning counts appear on the ranking list of this platform.


Users can have private chats with friends and even invite a close friend to a personal debate. Users can follow other users and gain followers.

The Problem

  • Client wanted to create a social platform for their users that will allow them to have debates on sports topics & questions about their choices.
  • Client wanted an app where users can view other people’s debates and can vote for the users who participated in the debate.
  • Client wanted a ranking board where the winners will appear based on their winning counts.
  • Client wanted a functionality which allows users to follow other users and send friend requests.
  • Client wanted a functionality which allows users to watch, like, comment and share other users debate videos.
  • Client wanted a chat functionality in the App for the users.
  • Client wanted an admin panel to manage users, reports, payments and rules.
  • Client wanted to implement In-App advertisements.
  • Client wanted to implement in-app purchases for buying the subscription plan.

The Solution

  • JumpGrowth created a cross-platform mobile app for users where they can have one-one live sessions of 1 minute with each other and they can also increase the time limit.
  • Users can watch, like, comment and share other users’ debate videos and can also vote for the users who participated in that debate.
  • We developed a Ranking Board where winners will be listed based on their winning counts.
  • Users can follow other users and can send friend requests as well. Users can also have a debate with their friends.
  • JumpGrowth created a responsive admin panel for the client to manage the users, reports, rules, categories and payments.
  • Users have the ability to engage in chat conversations with other users on their friend list.
  • We implemented a functionality by which users can report other users if required and the admin can remove the reported user or resolve the report.
  • We implemented google ads for In-App advertisements.
  • We implemented Apple Pay and Google Pay for In-App Purchases.
  • We integrated Janus for live debates.
  • We integrated for the chat feature.

The Result

Technology Stack Used


SportsTalk App

  • appleAppStore
  • googlePlayStore

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