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Synando is a new way to socialize & network without having strangers in the user’s social environment.

Synando is a new form of social media that brings a different view of how people truly socialize and network. While most social media platforms let users see and add other users at any time and at anywhere with limited control, Synando gives users full control of the account by only allowing users they meet in person.

Synando gives users the location and time of meetups, thus creating safety, exclusivity, and private moment/memory for users. It also eliminates bots and fake accounts.

Synando lets users categorize every user they meet into 4 different categories/newsfeeds as soon as they accept their request.

The Problem

  • Client wanted a social media App that will allow users to add the people with whom they have met in person or who are available within some feet of distance.
  • Client wanted a social media app where they will be allowed to add other users manually or by scanning a QR code that will appear on their profile.
  • Client wanted functionality for letting users map their friends with different categories like Social, Business, Personal, and Family.
  • Client wanted a functionality by which users can know the date, time and location where they met with the other user.
  • Client wanted an app where users can verify their accounts and decide whether or not they want to make their profile public.
  • Client wanted an app where users can post pictures and videos on their feeds, and create stories.
  • Client wanted an app where users can view other people’s stories, and feeds and can also like, share and comment on their posts.
  • Client wanted a chat functionality in the App for the users.
  • Client wanted an admin panel to manage users, reports and account verification.
  • Client wanted to implement In-App advertisements.
  • Client wanted the App to support English and Spanish language.

The Solution

  • JumpGrowth created a cross-platform mobile app for users where they can check nearby meetups and can send requests to people who are available within some feet of distance.
  • JumpGrowth created an App that supports English and Spanish language.
  • Users have the option to view the time and location of their meetings with other users who have sent them requests.
  • JumpGrowth created a responsive admin panel for the client to manage the users, reports and account verification requests from users.
  • Users have the ability to engage in chat conversations with other users on their friend list. Additionally, they are able to view the posts of their friends and express their reactions by liking, commenting, or sharing the posts.
  • Users can verify their accounts and can also make their profiles private.
  • We implemented a functionality by which users can report other users if required and the admin can remove the reported user or resolve the report.
  • We implemented google ads for In-App advertisements.
  • We integrated for the chat feature.

The Result

Technology Stack Used

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Synando App

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