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Vow Timer is an app for the wedding guests that came for the party. Vow Timer provides a platform for Wedding guests to connect pre-ceremony and take bets on what everyone’s thinking and how long the ceremony going to take. Wedding guests can bet on the time it takes for the ceremony to end.


The host creates the event and invites the others to bet on the scheduled wedding and is responsible for defining the betting amount for each user.


The purpose of this app is to connect with other guests at the wedding and count the seconds until the real party starts

The Problem

  • Client used to play this game of timing the wedding service but when a lot of people join the game it becomes too difficult and time-consuming to manage with pen and paper.
  • Client wanted an App so that people can easily manage, play and share the game with their families and friends.
  • Client wanted an App where a user can create an event and invite others to bet on the time.
  • Client wanted an app where the host of an event can set the betting amount for each user.
  • Client wanted an admin panel to manage users, reports, events and subscription plans.
  • Client wanted functionality for sharing and scanning the QR codes to invite other users.
  • Client wanted to implement In-App advertisements.
  • Client wanted payment gateway integration to charge an event fee and subscription fee.
  • Client wanted to implement tutorials for users to understand the rules and conditions of the game.
  • Client wanted a chat feature in the app for the users.

The Solution

  • JumpGrowth created a cross-platform mobile app for users where they can play and share the game with their family and friends.
  • JumpGrowth created a responsive admin panel for the client to manage the users, events and subscription plans.
  • The wedding game is now easier to manage among multiple players using the app.
  • Users can now host an event, invite other people to bet and set the betting amount for other users with the app.
  • We implemented a functionality by which users can report other users if required and the admin can remove the reported user or resolve the report.
  • We implemented google ads for In-App advertisements.
  • We integrated Apple Pay and Google Pay for the payment gateway.
  • We integrated Socket.io for the chat feature.
  • We implemented Google Places API for adding the event location.
  • We implemented an onboarding guide for users to learn the rules and conditions of the game.

The Result

Technology Stack Used

vow timerpi logo

Vow Timer App

  • appleAppStore
  • googlePlayStore

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