Adobe Scan (iOS, Android) The best pdf scanner app. Ditch the papers and go digital: Convert your documents into a PDF file with Adobe Scan. A pdf scanner app that lets you scan anywhere, anytime and automatically recognizes text.

Out with the old and in with the new:

Today’s day and age is all about revolutionizing and digitizing, from using your cellular device as a camera, iPod, GPS, and now, your very own scanner right in your pocket. No need to have access to a computer to convert your documents, scanning is now instant with Adobe Scan. From notes, files, receipts, and even a white a board, create exceptional PDF’s with wide ranges of different capture modes. So you always capture the clearest and cleanest scan.

Adobe Scan uses advanced image technology, the pad scanner app delivers precision by automatically detecting borders, frames, it even recognizes handwritten or printed text. Clean up your document by removing unwanted elements, enhance and sharpen scanned content. Touch up scans or photos directly from your camera roll and make edits. Take it to the cloud, store your scans in Adobe Document Cloud with up to 2GB of storage (for free), easily access, share and upload.

Adobe Scan is here to give you more PDF power, access your PDF in Acrobat Reader where you can review, make notes and leave comments for your team members to see. Fill and sign with just the touch of your finger, use the app to make signatures and form filling fast and easy without the use pen and paper or even a printer. Adobe Scan also extracts information from scanned business cards, so you can turn your business cards into contacts.

Apple devices require iOS 12.0 or newer, almost at a 5 out of 5-star rating, Adobe Scan has over 240k reviews in the App Store. The app can also be downloaded in the Google Play Store, with over 10,000,000 installments from Android devices. Android users also have given Adobe Scan a 4.7 out of 5 star rating and almost 400k reviews.

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