Airbrush-Photo Editor 

This is one of the coolest apps I have seen so far when it comes to photo editing. You can remove pimples, add makeup, even give yourself long hair.  This is an easy-to-use app and the best part about it is that is all looks natural. This app is so fun and easy to use that a 4yr old can use it. This is one of the most popular apps out there and it ranks 22 on the photo and video charts. Yes, it can even edit your videos. This app does it all. Once you use this app you will never want to use another photo editor app again.  

Features and Tools: 

You can give your skin that glow you desire, dazzle up your smile by whitening your teeth, brighten up your eyes by giving them that extra sparkle, and so many other features that are listed below. 

Glowing Skin:  

  • Remove all your blemishes  
  • Even out your skin tone 
  • Smooth out your skin and make it appear glowing and natural 

Dazzle up your smile:  

  • Whiten Teeth 
  • Widen or nudge your smile 
  • Plump up your lips 

Brighten your eyes: 

  • Brighten eyes 
  • Look awake and fresh 
  • Enlarge your eyes or even make them smaller 

Sculpt and Shape 

  • Expand or slim any facial features  
  • Shift position of facial features 
  • Reduce or enlarge any area of the photo 
  • Add volume to your hair 
  • Stretch tool for added height  

Professional Photo Effects 

  • Add depth with our blur tool 
  • Frame your photos with vignettes 
  • Crop photos with custom or pre-set sizes 
  • Control color and light 


  • Dozens of filters 
  • Themed filters and gorgeous lighting effects 
  • New filters are always being added 

Ready to Share: 

  • Save your pictures or share with your friends as soon as you finish editing 

You also have to option to join Airbrush Black where you purchase the subscription where you have access to many other awesome features.  

App Ratings: 

  • User Rating: 4.8 
  • Age level: 4+ 
  • Charts: Ranks #22 

App Details 

  • Size: 263.8 MB 
  • 9 different languages 
  • In-app purchase 
  • Copyright 2020 Pixocial Technologies 

Final Thoughts: 

This app is perfect for kids who are wanting to edit their prom or homecoming events, the bride who just got married and wants to make her wedding pictures perfect, and the grandmother who captures all the special moments with her family. Your friends and family will want to know what you did to make all your photos look like a professional did them. It is easy to use and there are so many different looks you can go with. Probably more than you need. The most difficult thing regarding this app is figuring out which options to go with.  

Available on all your devices rather you use google play or apple market you can find this app, install it, and begin editing your pictures. 

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