BeReal is an app that allows you to shoot photos at the moment and send to your friends. It allows you to take a 2-way photo, it has live emojis, and connects to your friends from all over the world. This app lives up to the BeReal name because there is no filter on this app. What you see is what in fact it is and how it is. The Be Real app will also send you reminders to your email or in app notifications so that you never miss a chance to snap and connect to your friends and family. It is a fun way for you to connect with family, friends, or colleagues who are out of state or country.   

Features & Tools in BeReal App: 

One feature of this app is the 2-way camera. You get a picture of what the camera is pointing at on your end while also taking a picture of the person or scene behind the camera. Another cool feature I haven’t seen before is live emoji’s where you pick an emoji, and the camera takes a picture of you as the emoji. It also has a live location that you may or may not want to share. You can add the contacts in your phone to this app and then you don’t miss sending anyone an invite to join or snap when they do join. No in app purchase which means you do not need to add your credit or debit card information.  

You have the option to post publicly and discover what others are also posting on Be Real. Meet new people and make new friends. Be Real has recently added the Challenge feature where some days it has unique challenges for you to complete. It has a map feature, so you can see where your friends are at in the world. Finally, there is a widget for you to add to your home screen so you can always see your friends and their post. This app is a once-a-day post, so parents do not have to worry about their kids spending too much screen time on this app.  

App Rating:

  • User Rating: 4.8 
  • Age level: 12+ 
  • # 2 on social media charts 
  • Engagement: 3.5 

App Details: 

  • Size: 94.3 
  • Location  
  • Contact Information 
  • Category: social media 
  • Downloads: 400,000 
  • Copyright: 2022 

Final Thoughts: 

BeReal (iOS, Android) app is a fun way for people of all ages to share a photo of their right now moments. There are no filters, so you receive a picture without any editing done to it.  The best feature of this app that I have not seen yet is how it takes a 2-way picture. The receiver gets a picture of you and what you are shooting. It’s neat so make sure you are always smiling. The live emojis are something new as well. This app has shown how it stands out from the competition. This is fun and exciting way to stay connected to every from parents checking in on what their kids are doing, saying hello to grandma, or connecting with people out of state or country.  

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