Browse in your own comfort with Firefox Focus (iOS, Android), the app lets you launch it as a standalone privacy browser, or you can even use it as a content blocker with tracking protection. The app blocks targeted apps, trackers, to filter out unwanted ads and easily clears your browsing history.

Next-level Private Browsing

We have all used the search engines on the web to research or find something, ever notice the ads that pop up right after your search? The exact same ad, that you were just looking up? Manage and block content, the Firefox Focus app takes private browsing to new heights, as soon as you open the app it automatically blocks a wide set of common online trackers, so you don’t run into things like unwanted ads.

Privacy Browser

Firefox Focus apps provides full comfort for users to simply do “private browsing” as some browsers aren’t always the easiest to manage. Save the hassle without having to go through countless menus to delete your history, do your web browsing with Firefox Focus. Privacy means privacy, the app even allows you to set up Face ID or Touch ID before opening to existing pages!

Give yourself a private free-tracking experience with Firefox Focus, simply enter your web address or just search in the field. Browse in regular Firefox or share it using another app by accessing the share button on the bottom of the page, the privacy browser app can be used as a content blocker for Safari on iPhone, iPad and other apple devices.

Supported by Mozilla, fighting for your web rights since 1998, Firefox Focus lets you be in control of your online life. Firefox Focus is a free app available in both Google Play and the App Store, both platforms share a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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