PocketGuard (iOS, Android) is a financial app that allows you to keep track of your expenses to help you maintain your pockets. You can manage your bank account, with trusted data security.

PocketGuard uses encrypted read-only technology that syncs your cards, investments, and loans all in one place. Users are able to keep track of payments and purchases, easily view your balances, and even get a scope of your upcoming bill payments. PocketGuard lets you spend comfortably and safely, while managing your budget.

Spend Less, Save More with PocketGuard:

Everyone loves payday, getting your check for the pay period, or even receiving your direct deposit, puts a smile on your face. Though we’re all aware that spending is too easy, we can all acknowledge that saving is the hard part. Maintain and gain with PocketGuard, here to help you keep track of your finances all in one scroll.

Best Financial App

PocketGuard monitors your spending habits and categorizes each one of your transactions. The app allows you to make well informed financial decisions like; creating a savings goal, adjusting your spending habits, or letting you know you’re still in great financial shape after buying gifts for the holidays.

PocketGuard also features an autopilot setting. The app automatically generates a personalized budget based on your income, payments or set goals. Why work harder to track receipts and spending habits through banking statements, when PocketGuard crunches numbers for you! Let PocketGuard simplify your life by bringing you into the new era of mobile personal financing with one click.

PocketGuard is the best free financial app, it is currently only available on the App Store for Apple devices. Out of 5 stars, PocketGuard is given a 4.7 and holds over 4k ratings. The app also supports Family Sharing, up to six family members can access PocketGuard.

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