If you are looking to replace your YouTube this is the app for you. With Rumble you can grow followers fast, search related videos that do not have preference channels, you can monetize your videos, and watch your favorite creators. There are categories under which you can look and search. It has also all the updated and previously dated posts or videos. The podcast feature is great. You could even substitute Rumble for your current podcast app.  

Features and Tools: 

  • Livestreaming 
  • Channel Creation 
  • Video Hosting 
  • Smooth UI 
  • Video Monetization 
  • Licensing 

App Ratings: 

  • User Ratings: 4.8 
  • Ages: 12+ 
  • Chart Ranking: #5 

Other Information: 

  • Developer: Rumble Inc. 
  • Languages: English +1 
  • Size: 35.7 

 Data Linked to you: 

  • Contact Info 
  • Usage Data 
  • Identifiers 

Final Thoughts: 

Rumble is a video streaming app where you can watch and upload your own videos. There are many different topics to choose from. You can even earn money by uploading your videos. You can select from licenses that you need regarding your videos and the rights to your videos. Certainly, you can add your PayPal information to receive payment for the number of views your videos get. Meanwhile, it is not the main reason to use Rumble but it is a cool feature to offer.

You can download the Rumble App from your Apple Market or Google Play Store.

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