Today, TV is no longer the primary source of visual content, as most people spend more time watching online videos. While some enjoy listening to music, others usage of live video streaming app to consume educational or job-related content.

The number of developed live video streaming app frameworks has gone up exponentially. It’s due to their exceptional features, friendly interface, and high-resolution pictures. Here is everything you need to know about live video streaming Mobile app development in the USA.

Types Of Live Video Streaming Application

As the younger audience is quickly shifting away from the traditional media outlets, developing live streaming apps gives business operators the chance to reach out to a growing segment of users in digital market spaces.  Here are some Mobile app development in the USA that you can consider.

Over The Top Media Streaming

OTT platform- Live video streaming app

It’s where you broadcast a live video via the OTT app. Therefore, users can stream your game or show in real-time provided that they have access to OTT TV or mobile app. As the operator, you can either offer premium services, seek a predictable monthly payment, set your price, or use creative freedom.

In OTT streaming, the files get compressed into smaller chunks and sent to the users when requested in packets. When the user receives the files, the best broadcasting app for mobile streaming protocols reassemble them into a complete video file. The leading platforms offering this option include Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Live Content Sharing

Live streaming app content sharing screenshot

It allows you to send a live video to the viewers over the internet in real-time. The process begins when a person captures visual information via a camera in a computing device. It then gets divided into smaller segments, compressed and encoded before the content delivery network sends it to the viewers.

This option also connects you with your streamers and even allows interaction through comments. Most social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, support live content sharing.

Video Training

It involves creating an online video to educate employees or customers on a particular issue. Video training helps create more engaging content that can drive traffic to a site, improve customer satisfaction, grow your brand, or develop smart users. Besides, it uses anything from screencasts, micro-videos, animations, role play, or interactive video formats. You can hold videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

Video Conferencing

Live stream video conferencing screenshot

The video conferencing go live video streaming apps enable you to hold virtual communication with various individuals regardless of their location. As an increasing number of companies shift to remote working, it helps in project management. People can now call using an internet browser on their phones, desktops, or other devices for visual interactions with colleagues.

Companies use the technology for team meetings, to hold webinars, product demos, job interviews, training, and support. Some of the most commonly used apps include Zoom, Skype, and GoToMeeting.

Live Video Streaming App Features

Here are various features to look out for in creating a live streaming app development to assess its viability.

Sign Up Options

The first requirement is an easy registration process into the build live streaming app development in the USA. It should avail various sign-up options via social media accounts, mobile phone, or email.

User Profile

You also need to develop a live video broadcasting app or live video streaming app development that allows you to customize your profile based on your preferences. You can begin with your name, profile picture, and subscription plan. Further, include your location, feed preferences, and date of birth. It helps you find people with similar interests.

Online Streaming

Live streaming functionality is the most vital feature. You need to understand how to stream application development in the USA concept and prioritize your video quality.


Giving feedback in a live online streaming application makes the session lively. The audience can easily communicate with the influencers. Still, the chat element helps you monetize the content.

Video Sharing

In the current internet era, the most exciting videos go viral within a brief period. Therefore it would be best to choose the Best mobile app development with a sharing feature. It boosts your engagement and viewership.


Despite the high engagement rates, your audience may get distracted during a live session. Hence you need to provide a solution in that they can watch your content later.

Search Features

The Mobile app development in the USA should have a search box where the users quickly lookout for a particular video category. It should filter the types by location, interest, age, popularity, and topic to stream fast and conveniently.

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The live stream application should help create more personal user spaces by selecting who they wish to broadcast. It should let you choose a list of people or a particular area of coverage.


The app should also contain push notification functionality to invite your subscribers to join your session. It should also let you plan a video broadcasting app schedule so that your users won’t miss exciting events.

How To Build A Live Streaming App

Live Video streaming app

The initial step to building an app from scratch with live streaming is defining your target audience’s location, age, and interest. After that, you can now pick an online video host by signing up in free or premium development of the live streaming app.

Next, determine which devices support your Mobile application and keep in mind the modern marketplace.

Consider whether you want to create a live streaming app for Android or iOS. Further, load SDK to the mobile software and include additional functionalities. Choose a content delivery network that supports your live stream without interruptions. Pick an attractive UI /UK design to enhance your video appearance.

Further, select the streaming codex and API for your app. Begin the Create app development in the USA and customize it to your requirements. Keep testing it to ensure that it performs on a high level. Lastly, package it and submit it for approval.

Technical Stack For Live Streaming App Development

You require a robust tech stack to build a live streaming app. It helps your app stand out in saturated markets. Here are various stacks that you can integrate with your top live app.


Streaming requires a vast amount of disc space in the server and user’s end. Fortunately, codecs help compress the information to transmit it faster for an excellent backend performance. It then decompresses the data and sends it to the screen or speaker.

Programming Language

It helps interpret data during the session. Programming language creates the live streaming app’s development logic since most features like video file encoding, and custom video players rely on it. Java and Kotlin work well for Android while Swift in iOS. JavaScript-based cross-platform frameworks like ReactNative, Phonegap, and Ionic are rising fast and offer a multitude of options at a cheaper cost.

Available Libraries

They help you manage video and audio data during live streaming. It should allow you to add text, emoji, or a drawing in the video feed in real-time. The Wowza Streaming library accepts video from almost all encoded or IP cameras and accommodates an audience of any size. It then transcodes the video file in the cloud to deliver high-quality streams. You can also consider IRIs or Red5pro libraries. A great free option is the FFmpeg library. Some more honorable mentions are Agora, Janus, and Jitsi.


It’s the standardized method of delivering multimedia content over the internet. The most common streaming protocols include RTMP and WebRTC. The former helps to transfer video and audio data over the internet between the server and the flash player. On the other hand, the latter facilitates data exchange between browsers.

Content Delivery Network

It delivers your content to the end-user across geographically distributed server networks. Besides, the infrastructure ensures that your content reaches the end-users as quickly as possible. The most common technologies used in live streaming include amazon CloudFront and Cloud flare.


It stores vital user information of your previous streams. You can use data analytic tools to assess real-time traffic and manage data. Some of the most commonly used databases these days are MongoDB, SQL Server, MySQL, GraphQL, etc.


The platform allows users to create live broadcasts using a camera and computer. Besides, viewers can access the virtual data in any compatible gadget. It involves vital tools like Microsoft streaming, Apple HTTP streaming, or Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming.

Costs Incurred In Making A Live Video Streaming App

You will most likely incur between $60,000 and $120,000 in developing a live streaming app depending on factors such as;

App Design

The streaming application must have an excellent user interface for Android and iOS to create a memorable experience. You can pay around $5000-$8000 for the service including wireframing, high fidelity designs, and prototyping.


Each feature you choose to build needs to be. estimated with efforts needed to build them. Have questions how to build a live streaming app?   a lot of other factors including skills, experience, and location of engineers dictate the pricing of building these features in your mobile application development.

Usually, most of the cost of development is invested in this part and may vary on features you need the develop an app. You can expect 80-90% of your mobile app development cost to be spent on features development.

Monetization Strategies For Live Streaming Apps

After developing the best app for streaming apps, the next crucial step is coming up with monetization techniques. You can consider the following strategies to help you earn money from your site.


Video ads can offer you high returns. You can either place banners on top or bottom of your app or include pop-up notification ads. Alternatively, you can avail offer walls for your audience to buy virtual content.

Data Monetization

It involves leveraging the data collected from consumers. For instance, you can share essential insights about customers’ behaviors with analytical companies or advertisers. This way, your Mobile app Development remains free to users while still generating revenue.

Sponsored Content And Partnerships

You can charge marketers for a premium or featured positions to send a message about their service or product. Once you sign up for a partnership deal with an advertiser or brand, it boosts your user base, increasing your chances of earning more money. If your Mobile app development appeals to a particular niche market, you will attract businesses in that space.

Freemium Content

You can decide that your live streaming’s first minutes are free, then ask for payment beyond a certain point. Alternatively, you can go the subtle way by giving links or donation buttons where users can purchase more videos.


Build a live video streaming app that allows different people to attach your content in real-time. It will thus help grow your audience, boot interactions, and inter-promote your brand on various platforms. Hopefully, the above guide answers your question on how to make a live streaming app, how to build a live streaming app, how to create a video streaming app android, how to build a video streaming app, how to create a video streaming app android how to make live streaming app?


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