This sleep and meditation app is good for the entire family. You can play it when you are trying to get your kids relaxed and calm before bed or when you get off work for just one of those days at the office and you need to destress and regroup. The stories with the calming voices and music will have you relaxed and unwound in no time. As soon as you hear the music begin you instantly feel the stress of the day just fall away and calmness sets in. This app is recommended by doctors and already has over four million people who are sleeping better at night or recharging during the day. This a must-have app. 

 Features and Tools 

  • Bedtime stories for all ages 
  • Short Stories to nap to 
  • Relaxing stories 
  • Popular tales 
  • Calming Stories 
  • Better sleep 
  • Restful sleep 

Sleep Sounds 

  • Over a 150 relaxing sleep sounds 
  • White Noise 
  • Rain Sounds 
  • Lullabies for babies 
  • Zen Monk Chants 
  • Gently Swaying Oak Trees 
  • Calming Sleep Music 
  • Relaxing Melodies 
  • Water Sounds 
  • Melodic Harp and Guitars 
  • City Rain 
  • Pink Noise 
  • Fan Sounds 
  • ASMR Sounds 

Other Features 

  • Guided Meditations 
  • Sleep Tracking 
  • Alarm 
  • Apple Watch App 
  • Apple Health 

App Ratings 

  • User Rating: 4.6 
  • Age Level: 4+ 
  • Chart Listing: eighty-five 

Other Information: 

  • Category: Health and Fitness 
  • Compatibility: Apple Devices 
  • Languages: 7+ 
  • Copyright: @Happiest Limited 

Data Linked to you: 

  • Health and Fitness 
  • Contact Info 
  • Identifiers 
  • Location 
  • User Content  
  • Usage Data 
  • Diagnostics

Final Thoughts: 

You are trying to cure your anxiety during the day or before bed, seeking stress relief, speeding up recovery after workout, improving your mental health, or just boosting your self-care. You can count on Sleepiest to take care of all your needs. This app has an optional upgradeable premium service. Where they offer a free trial period but must cancel or you will be charged $9.99 a month. This iOS app can put you right where you need to be. With over twenty-five guided sleep meditations, you will surely find what you need to relieve stress while you drift off to sleep. Recently added is the sleep tracking feature. This is cool because it will analyze how you are sleeping at night.

If you ever wonder why you wake up tired, fully rested, or just what kind of sleep you are getting at night their sleep tracker feature will be able to tell you all of this. This app is available on your apple watch. This means if you need to escape during the day at any point to recharge you can play it straight from your watch. I would really recommend this app to anyone. It’s great for when you need a recharge or if you are wanting to try something new to help you sleep at night or relieve so stress and refocus during the day. 

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