Are you looking to develop any micro-SaaS product for your audience? If yes, then you are at the right place. The micro-SaaS market is expected to reach $208.1 billion by 2023.

In this blog, we will be discussing the 20+ most profitable micro-SaaS ideas for product development. You can not only create these SaaS ideas to make money but also serve your audience with new and advanced features. Now without spending much time let us start with the list of micro-SaaS ideas for you.

What is a Micro-SaaS Business?

You might be aware of the term software as a service. These are the on-demand software in which there is no requirement to install the software onto the machines. Users can take advantage of services using the internet only. Now, micro SAAS (Software as a Service) is a business that focuses on the niche market rather than the larger audience.

1. Web Analytics

By 2027, the web analytics market is expected to have a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 15.2%.

Web analytics are the tools that people use to track the analytics of their websites. For example, how many people are visiting their website, how many people are clicking on the call-to-action button in between the websites, and many more? In short, these web analytics tools will help you to manage your websites. With the analytics results, you will understand what people like or dislike about your website. So that you can change or update the website according to your audience. One of the best examples of this tool is Google Analytics. If you also learn about the features of web analytics tools, you can understand the features of this tool.

2. Team Management

During the lockdown, mostly all companies started working from home. This is a time when companies realized the difficulty of managing a team. If you are looking to develop some ideas in this field, then you can also add some unique features to it such as integrating your team management micro-SaaS tool with artificial intelligence and meeting scheduling features, etc. You can also include predefined emails for follow-ups and other functionalities. You can be excited to know that expert predictions say that around 85% of corporate applications will be on SaaS.

3. Cookery micros SaaS-based applications

The demand for cookery-based micro-SaaS applications has increased since the lockdown. Predictors find that the recipe and the cookery-based apps are expected to reach approximately $421.03 mn markets. There were no house helpers at that time, so everyone is learning to cook with the help of these applications. These applications are still in demand. If you have an interest in these fields, you can also develop one of the best and most unique cookery micros SaaS-based applications.

4. Invoicing

Invoicing is also one of the SaaS business ideas for small businesses. Invoice is used by offline and online businesses. You can create any software in this field. To enhance the security of your application you may also add some blockchain SaaS ideas to your invoicing applications.

If you are looking to develop some ideas in this field, then we recommend you start your research with your competitors as we have a lot of software with the same purpose. You need to understand how they are using the latest technologies to generate the bills. Then you can add some new features to your micro-SaaS idea. You would be happy to know that by 2030, the E-invoicing market is expected to increase beyond USD 16.68 billion. So, this could be the best idea to think about.

5. Healthcare Services

In 4-5 years, the wellness market is expected to grow by $7 trillion. The demand for micro-SaaS in the healthcare industry has been growing. More people are using smartphones and looking for some application from which they can schedule appointments with the doctor and receive their reports. You can also add some features such as video calls and voice calls to your application to make the process of diagnosis even easier for the patient and the doctor.

If you are looking to develop an application with this niche, then you can also take the help of custom software development teams or mobile app development companies. They will help you to transform your idea into an application and to find the weaknesses and strengths of the system.

6. Customer Resources Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management software helps people to organize their tasks and to manage their customers easily. When it comes to building micro-SaaS-based applications, CRM software is in great demand. You can also develop any application if you have an interest in this field. We also have a team of mobile app developers who can help you to create CRM software.

7. Fitness Manager

People are always in search of the best applications that help them to manage their fitness. If you are looking to develop a micro-SaaS application then you may learn how existing competitors are doing and you can add some more advanced features in which your application can guide the user with the best diet plan, track their running time, their heartbeat, blood pressures, etc. You can also collaborate with other applications that are providing healthcare services so that it can be used by your user in case he wants to get some help from the doctor.

8. Tracker for Personal Goals

Personal goal tracker is also one of the best niches on which you can develop your micro-SaaS product. Personal goal tracker applications can help people to set daily, weekly, and monthly targets. You can also add functionalities by providing rewards and free coupons once your user achieved his target. In this way, more people and the audience get attracted to your application. You can also reminders with this application. These reminders can remind people of their activities such as meetings with their family members, their birthdays when it is the time to drink water, and many more.

9. Grocery Essentials Micro SaaS Application

Online demand for grocery applications is increasing exponentially. You can also develop applications under this niche. People have more activities to complete in a day and hence get attracted to online grocery shopping more. If you find it difficult to deal with a programming language, but you also want to develop any micro-SaaS based then you can start with some no-code SaaS ideas for delivering groceries or you can take the help of some software development company that can help you to develop this application. With an increase of 28 percent, the grocery market is $1.9 Trillion by 2023.

10. Pharmaceutical Service

These applications can help your users to track products related to the pharmaceutical industry such as medicines. You must have seen our grandparents and parents often forget to track their medicines. In these situations, micro-SaaS applications providing pharmaceutical services can help. Older people can keep track of their medicines and other related stuff to avoid the end-minute hassle.

11. Testimonial Management Tool

Testimonials play a key role in the development of services. It can also help in creating a positive image in front of your audience. With feedback and testimonials, you can be able to get the real performance of your product or services. You can create software that will help other companies to handle their testimonials. These testimonials can help you to create innovative marketing strategies and can even help to think about new services that you can add to your application. If you are looking to develop any micro-SaaS tool, you can also give the testimonial management tool a try.

12. Employee Engagement Platform

Companies are often searching for the best employee engagement platforms. As per the requirement, recruiters are hiring employees. For some companies, it is becoming difficult to manage their employees as there are many other things related to the employees that a company needs to manage. You can help such companies with some unique ideas and develop some micro-SaaS engagement tools to manage their employees’ data.

13. Personal Finance Tracker App

These platforms can help your audience to manage their expenses. You add some features such as your application can help your audience to generate the final amount they have in their hand after adding their monthly expenses. You can also add features in which your user may be able to take the help of artificial intelligence to plan their monthly expenses. This will also help your audience to decide smartly based on their salary.

14. Sales Management Tool

Approximately 95% of sales and workforce management tools will be deployed on the cloud by 2023.

These platforms can be used by groups and individuals. You may create a micro-SaaS platform that can help artists and companies to manage sales. Your platform may also provide functionality for freelancers who are working with more clients. Sales management tools not only help to manage sales but also can help to have timely feedback for payment-related stuff. For more such suggestions you can contact us. We have SaaS ideas for small businesses to make your application even more unique.

15. Health & Wellness Platform

You may develop some health and wellness tracking platforms for your audience. You may include features that can help to monitor the health of your audience. Your application can also help individuals to schedule appointments with doctors and remind them in case they forget to visit their doctor. This kind of application can also help them to keep track of their medicines and other medical-related products.

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16. Feedback Software for Students

Some college and school students still find it difficult to share feedback about their needs related to their studies for example if any student wants to say something positive or he/she may have some idea to start some new processes within the college but hesitate to discuss in front of the class and other students. Then in this case you can create any application that can help these students to share their ideas as feedback via an online portal.

17. Social Media Tracking Micro SaaS Application

This application can help to manage your social media presence or any other company’s social media presence if you are developing any application for that company. With this application, you can create the best marketing campaigns for the product you are selling. Buyers might go through your social media pages before making any deal. So, it is better to maintain your social profile. Buyers can also ask questions under the post and expect fast quick responses from your end. So, you can create some applications to track the social media presence with some additional unique and advanced features.

18. Content Management System

There is a lot of content out there and the existing companies and people may find it difficult to manage this content. This content can be in the form of text, graphics, videos, etc. We need some good micro-SaaS-based content management tools. The most important thing that every content creator faces is to post the content on time whether on YouTube or other social media platforms. You may develop some content management tool with auto post facility so that bloggers and content creators can set their time of post and start working on some other tasks.

19. Email Marketing

This is one of the most profitable micro-SaaS-based products in the list of 20 best SaaS (Software as a Service) products. Email management software helps companies share the latest updates via email to the customers and employees working for the company. The SaaS email marketing tools have a few advantages such as high reach accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. If you are looking for SaaS ideas to make money, then this is one of the best ideas. You can surely start working on it. You would be happy to know that by 2023, there will be a significant growth in active email users. According to Statista, active email users will be about 4.3 billion.

20. Journaling

It is simply a process of writing thoughts on paper like a diary. Some people are introverts who have a pool of thoughts in their minds and hesitate to share their thoughts with someone else. An online diary can help these kinds of people. Your application can help these people to write what they are thinking. This will also make them mentally fit. On the other hand, you can earn money by running down advertisements and there is a chance that you can collaborate with other applications as well.

21. Training and Learning

The training and e-learning market is expected to have a 20% CAGR shortly. Learning and training courses are one of the best ideas for micro-SaaS products.  Nowadays, online courses are popular among children and adults. Working professionals are also opting for online weekend courses. Several existing applications are working on this idea. Although this field has great competition, we cannot deny that. But this field also has countless opportunities on which you can work. You can also add some advanced features that make your application unique.

22. Online Risk Monitoring Tools

You can also develop online risk monitoring SaaS-based tools. These tools can help to track future online risks for any business. This tool may track your social media handles to understand your reach and then find the risk when that affects the sales and image of the company. This can be an extremely useful idea for companies and businesses.

23. Habit Tracker for Students and Professionals

Habit tracker applications allow us to track habits, for example, eating habits. In case you are taking more calories than you need then this application will notify you. If you are looking forward to developing such an application, then you can add some features to it. Such as you can collaborate with diet experts and doctors that will help people to get rid of any unhealthy habits. You can also add push notifications in case of prolonged use of smartphones and laptops by students and professionals.

Advantages of Micro SaaS Applications

You can choose one or two from these ideas if you are looking to develop some ideas into reality. There is no need for a big budget and investments. Let us look at the advantages of SAAS products. This section will help you to understand why SaaS-based applications are in demand.

  • Accessibility: The accessibility of applications has increased over the years with the help of SaaS.
  • Speed: Since there is no need to install applications on the machines, SaaS products take less time to load, and hence the overall speed of the applications increases.
  • Support: Since this market focuses on niche purposes. Hence it is manageable to support micro-SaaS products.
  • Independent of location: You can work from anywhere with your SAAS products. You can use any SaaS product if you have internet and machines. Your location is not a barrier anymore if you want to develop your micro-SaaS product.

How to Validate a Great SaaS Idea?

To validate your SaaS product idea, you need to follow a few steps:

  • Define your application goal: First, you need to define the purpose of your idea. Why do you want to develop an application using this idea? What problems will your application target? What will be your target audience?
  • Define minimum success criteria for your application: In this step, you will figure out the most critical assumption in your idea.
  • Testing of your idea: Then you need to test your idea. You need to figure out if you need any tools to test your idea. You can also get the help of an IT company, JumpGrowth. We will help you in the technical evaluation process of your idea.
  • Validate: Then final validation will take place. Whether you want to move ahead with this idea or not.

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We hope you find this information appropriate for you. If you are still confused about your idea of developing an application. You can contact us anytime. We have 20+ years of experience related to SaaS marketplaces.

You can start with simple micro-SaaS ideas and then with time enhance them with advanced features if you need any support then we are here to provide you with the best custom software development services. Our Mobile App Developers will help you with API Web Services if there is a requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you produce micro-SaaS ideas? 

You may follow the process given below to select the best micro SAAS idea:

  • Make a list of micro niches of your interest.
  • Then based on your potential and familiarity, select one niche.
  • Then you can create a landing page specific to your service
  • Develop MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Start selling your micro-SaaS services.

Q: What are micro-SaaS products? 

There are a lot of micro SAAS products that are competing in niche markets. Below are some micro-SaaS products:

  • TimeToReply
  • Elorus
  • Invoicy
  • TheCookBook

 Q: What is the list of micro-SaaS ideas for 2024? 

We believe that we shared the best micro-SaaS ideas in this blog and request you to read them in detail. It will help you to select the best SaaS idea that you can work on.

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