Are you looking to build an application with the latest technologies? This blog contains the best 25+ mobile app ideas for startup businesses. With this information, you might change your app idea into one of the best unique app ideas.

The usage of applications is increasing rapidly. According to Statista, the count of applications to be downloaded by 2023 is 299 billion. This justifies that the number of applications will also increase over time.

There are a lot many ideas out there. But do you know if your idea is the best one and can serve its purpose accurately?

Your answer might be a NO. That is why, along with our research, we have come up with the 25+ best ideas that you can work on.

Best Ideas for App Development

1. Healthcare Apps

Healthcare app ideas are first in the list of best application development ideas in 2023. Even though hospitals and companies that are dealing in the healthcare sector create their applications. But people are still facing issues in storing patients’ data and other important parameters.

The mHealth apps market size worldwide was estimated to be worth USD 38.2 billion in 2021 and is predicted to grow at a yearly rate of 11.8% from 2022 to 2030.

U.S. mHealth apps market size, by type, 2020 - 2030 (USD Billion)
ref: Grand View Research

In the healthcare sector, if you are looking to build a healthcare application then you can also go for blockchain-based applications. These applications are more secure than any other and protected from unauthorized access.

2. Travel and Hotel-Based App Ideas

These applications are one of the best ideas in which you can develop your application whether android or iOS. Travel apps from the best app development company can come with many innovative features and can help users to book their appointment in a minimal number of steps.

In this kind of application, you can plan the trip for your users and help them to stay in the best hotels in which they can stay during the trip. You can also take inspiration from the existing travel agencies and can check how they are implementing marketing strategies to enhance the reach of their application. If you need any help and want to discuss and implement your idea, you can hire android app developers.

3. Finance App Ideas

The fintech market is expected to grow by approximately $ 324 billion by 2024. This increase in profit will come with new opportunities in this department. These types of applications can help their users to get advantages of features such as online banking services, investments, stocks, trading, etc. These applications also minimize the complexity of the process since you can use the services via your smartphone only. If you are also looking to build a finance app then you can add some new features to it such as chatbots, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for innovation and automation in the process. Blockchain enhances the security of your application.

4. Education-Based App Ideas

This is one of the best mobile app ideas for startup businesses. Since the lockdown, schools, and colleges understand that offline sessions are just not enough to educate our students. Many schools are developing an application to manage the process within the school. They are making use of the application to upload notes and arrange online classes for the students.

Other the other hand people are inclined towards concepts such as distance learning and edtech. In this case, also, education-based applications are serving students and learners in a better way. Since students can learn virtually without moving to the place.

5. Destination Wedding Planning Application

You might hear about some applications that are helping people to find their soulmates and life partners. Just like that the demand for destination wedding planning applications has been rising exponentially. These applications can help people to manage their wedding functions at the destination they prefer. In addition, you can also have some features such as nearby hotels and on-demand food delivery applications. Also, you can collaborate with matrimonial websites or dating applications to enhance your business.

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6. AI-based Online Restaurant Booking

Artificial intelligence-based restaurant booking applications help users to book a table at their desired time. This is one of the best app ideas to solve problems regarding information about the crowd in their favorite restaurants. You can also add some features to your AI-based online restaurant booking applications. For example, you can give your users the option to book from any city within the country. Since most of the children are living in different cities due to their work. So, in this case, they can book a restaurant table for their parents from anywhere. These kinds of applications will also help people to choose as per their preferences.

7. Food Order and Delivery App

Food order and delivery apps are in demand right now and will be in the future. These applications let people order food according to their preferences. These applications use artificial intelligence to learn about your preferences based on your previous orders and then suggest the best restaurants for you. If you want to develop an application in the food delivery sector, then you must implement organic and inorganic strategies to survive in the market.

8. Personalized News Web App

In offline newspapers, we have distinct categories of news. But some people might not want to read all the news, or they might want to know about what is going on under one category. In this case, offline newspapers may not be a good option. So, you can produce some personalized news application that enables users to read under their preferred category. You can add the feature of a monthly/ yearly subscription policy to make the process easy for your readers.

9. Artificial and Machine Learning Applications

The Artificial intelligence market is expected to reach approximately $500 billion in 2023. This means that technologies related to machine learning and artificial intelligence are still in demand and will be in demand in the future. You can even make use of AI in your other types of applications. Such as online food delivery applications, travel and tourism, and others. With these technologies, you can create a 3D view of hotels and can help users to view the rooms before finalizing their booking. These technologies are also working in developing virtual reality experiences in gaming and other industries.

10. Interior Designing Augmented Reality

Interior design is one of the emerging fields in the world. This application can help users to understand their design in a better way. With these applications, they can see their imaginations about home designs virtually. If you are looking to build an application in this field then you can provide your users with the opportunity to decide about the furniture they want, the color of the walls they want, and many more decorations in their houses. These features help users to decide in very less time or they can even try several designs before finalizing any. You can also develop such applications with the help of some mobile app development company or with your friends who share the same interest in technologies.

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11. Gaming Apps

Gaming applications are another emerging scope if you want to develop some games. Now people are looking forward to seeing the integration of virtual reality/ augmented reality and artificial intelligence in your game. You can also develop tools that help other gamers and developers to create their games of dreams. You can integrate the latest technologies in the gaming industry and your tools. If you are a gamer, then you must be aware of how popular streaming is these days. You can also build an application that allows different gamers to stream through your application.

12. Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are also in demand these days. You can also go for building this kind of application if you want. These applications will allow people to exchange messages with their family and friends. You can take inspiration from existing applications and can build some new messaging applications that overcome the weakness of existing applications. You can have several opportunities in this field.

13. Ride Sharing Apps

Ride-sharing ideas come next in the list of unique app ideas. The main purpose of these ride-sharing applications is to allow people to share their rides with other people and make their rides budget-friendly.

You can also build an application that acts as a middleman between drivers and passengers. So that they can connect and share their rides at their convenience. If you want to enhance functionalities, you can even allow the users of your application to rent a car for any trip. Over the years, there has been a significant rise in the carpool and bike pool market. You can also learn it in detail and can go for building the next level application.

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14. B2b Apps

B2b is a term used as an acronym for business to business. Where one business offers an application that can be used by different businesses and not the end user then it is said to be business to business. One example of b2b apps is cloud storage. You can build a cloud storage app that provides full functionality with security. This application can be used by your organization and sold to other organizations. These applications can let people move their existing data to your cloud.

15. Crypto Exchange Apps

Cryptocurrency is not a new term anymore. As more people are taking an interest in cryptocurrency there is a chance for you that you can create one of the best crypto exchange applications. You can develop a more user-friendly platform to exchange crypto. You can also learn blockchain to understand what people are offering through their exchange platforms currently and then you can develop your platform with more advanced features.

16. Dating Apps

There is a bundle of unique dating app ideas out there in the market. These kinds of applications will help people to communicate and find the perfect life partner and dating partner for them. People usually go on dating before getting married nowadays. These dating helps can help in this situation to understand each other and compatibility in detail. You can also create these kinds of applications and can help people. You can develop it using the latest technologies and features. To start your development process, you need to research to understand your competitors first. Then you can figure out what functionalities you need to add to make your application unique.

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17. Donation Apps

This is also one of the emerging fields in 2023 and new app ideas for startups. You can help companies with the best donation application. You can be the owner of the best donation app that helps other organizations engage with their donors. Every person out there has a smartphone with him or her. These smartphones with the best donation app can help to raise funds and connect various donors and volunteers.

18. Social Networking Apps

Social networking Apps come next in the list of best ideas for app development. The future social media app ideas might come with more advanced functionalities. You may add the latest technologies to your social media networking websites that may help you to connect with even more people. Social media is just not limited to sending and receiving messages from others. Now it has become a medium to advertise various products.

19. Grocery App

The market growth of grocery applications will reach approximately 22.8% in 2023. Grocery applications are in great demand because people do not have much time. So, they have the option to purchase their groceries online. With your application, you can offer your users some advanced facilities that people are unable to offer in their existing grocery applications. If your application is up to the mark, then you can even sell this application to some big companies and even malls.

20. Fitness/ Lifestyle App Ideas

These are also in-demand application ideas since people are moving towards a healthy lifestyle. You can also think of some unique fitness app ideas. Fitness applications can help people with the best exercises to gain and lose weight. Moreover, these applications can also offer daily meals according to weight and lifestyle. Also, some fitness applications are providing features such as alarms. You can set an alarm if you forget to drink water and do other important activities related to your fitness.

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21. On-demand Delivery App Ideas

On-demand delivery app ideas also have a great future according to our research. Since people want everything online now. These applications can manage and make the delivery process easy for customers. If you are looking to develop on-demand delivery applications, then you have some famous existing applications. You can search for them on the internet and understand them in detail.

22. Utility App Ideas

Utility applications are the applications that we are using without consciously considering them as applications. You may understand it with the help of examples. Some purposes utility applications are serving you.

  • Setting up a reminder
  • Calculator
  • Weather detector
  • Flashlight

Some of these applications are even pre-installed on your smartphones. Most people use these applications for a noticeably brief period. For example, if you want to check the weather. Then you may open it for a minute and then close it. If you want to develop some utility-based applications, then you can think of some features that can be used by your users for an extended period.

23. Booking App for Events and Conferences

Since some, people are still working from home. In this case, booking apps for events and conference meetings can serve their purposes. You may create a one-stop solution that can give many facilities to your users. Your app may have a feature to schedule a meeting with a chat space, where people can send and receive messages on chat with their colleagues.

You may also create an application that allows your user to manage events throughout your organization or outside the organization.

24. Shopping/eCommerce Apps

People are developing new shopping and eCommerce applications. This is a developing yet competitive field as well. Since there are many shopping and eCommerce applications available out there. If you want to develop some new application in this field, then you must think something out of the box. You may add some advanced features to it that are not there in existing applications. For this, you need to understand the existing applications deeply. You can also go for some marketing strategies such as discounts and one-day deliveries to advertise your eCommerce applications.

25. Entertainment App Ideas

These applications give you opportunities to target large groups of audiences. One of the most crucial reasons for this kind of app’s popularity is its usage. People are using these applications many times a week, sometimes even 2-3 times a day. This is the reason behind the competitiveness as well.

To enhance the strength of your startup idea you can also take the help of the best app development company. These companies will help you to find the weakness of your idea and to convert your idea into an application.

26. Music and Video Streaming Apps

Music and Video Streaming applications are also one of the in-demand applications in 2023. More people are using mobile applications rather than television to listen to music and watch web series and movies. If you are looking to develop music and video streaming apps then to attract a wide variety of users, you need to attract various shows and music videos as well. Since different people have different interests. Whereas, if you want to develop some music streaming apps then you must focus on the collection of songs. So that people can listen to the songs and can work on their daily activities at the same time.

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27. Housekeeper Finding Apps

These applications are also in-demand in 2023. Most people are working nowadays. So, people need help to complete their household activities. If you are looking to develop some applications in this field, then you can add some features to attract the audience. Such as you can provide easy scheduling and booking for the housekeeper and helper. You can also add some more real-time tracking of a house helper. If you want any help transforming your idea into an application, JumpGrowth is here to discuss it.

28. Social Media Startup Ideas

Social media is best for marketing nowadays. Everyone is a part of one or more social media applications. If you want to add some social media applications, then you may start with the simple messaging application then you can integrate some advanced features into it. You can add video calling, voice calling and allow users to share images and posts, etc. You can also collaborate with some eCommerce applications. This will increase the demand for your application among users. Well, this is just a suggestion. You can even add some unique features if you want.

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These app development ideas guide will help you to get an idea if you are looking to build an application. If you are still looking for some help in the process of development, then you can contact us. You can contact JumpGrowth if you are looking for the best advice about the app development framework. Our experts can help you with dating app development and AR/VR app development. 

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How to patent an app idea?  

To patent an app idea you must follow some steps. These are: 

  1. Register with a Patent Lawyer 
  2. Reveal Your Mobile App Invention 
  3. Do Patent Search 
  4. File a Provisional or Non-Provisional Patent Application 
  5. Submit Your Patent Application 

How to identify the next big startup idea? 

To answer this question, you must answer a few questions yourself. The answer to these questions gives you the clues to identify the next big startup idea.  

  • Is your idea solving the problem for which it must transform into the application?  
  • How many people can get their problems solved with your idea or application?  
  • Is your application unique in that it serves a particular purpose? 

How to decide on a niche before producing your app idea?  

To decide on the niche for your app idea you need to work on a few areas.  

  • Research the market: This will help you to find who all have the existing product with the same purpose as yours.  
  • Perform product analysis of the main competitors: This will help you to understand your competitors and the technologies they are referring to serve this purpose. Also, the audience they are targeting.  
  • Create customer personas: This will help you to understand your target audience better.  

How will ‘push’ notifications help to enhance the business of your application?  

Yes, Push notifications are great when it comes to increasing the business of your applications. You can easily reach your target audience with these applications. You can create notifications whenever you are giving discounts or adding some new feature to your app. 


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