A chat app is a program that lets people talk to each other in real-time, whether they are online or not. It is common for chat programs to let you send private messages, examine other users’ profiles, and participate in public channels (like forums). 

Not only are chatting apps related to messaging apps but also video calling apps and conference calling apps, two additional popular forms of social interactions. At present, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging service. 

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In this post, we will go over everything you need to know to create a chat applications from scratch for messaging, complete with the latest features and the highest level of security.  

We will cover the messaging industry’s current state, the various approaches to chatting app development, and the total time needed to build an app from scratch for messaging. At the same time, we will have an idea of how much it will cost and how to create a WhatsApp app or chat app. 

We also feature a world’s leading chatting app development organization that can build a messaging app of your dream.  

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Is Now the Time to Launch a Chat App? 

Compared to traditional phone calls, the cost of using a messaging app to interact with someone on the other side of the world is tiny, and the cost of communicating with someone locally is negligible. 

The downside to this rapid and free communication is the potential loss of privacy and security it may introduce. Many promising messaging applications, such as Signal, Telegram, Line, and WhatsApp, offer end-to-end encryption to ensure that your data is not shared or stored for commercial purposes. 

Since cyber-attacks and data breaches have become more common, protecting personal information has become a priority for many. Putting WhatsApp at the bottom will not shock anyone. These days, WhatsApp is embroiled in debates because it violates users’ privacy by sharing data with Facebook’s broader network. This data is used, in part, to better target advertisements and enhance users’ overall Facebook product experiences. 

But WhatsApp is keeping all this secret on their end, and that’s great news for privacy-focused messaging applications like Signal, Telegram, and Snapchat, which are on the cusp of supplanting WhatsApp, winning over its users, and seizing the market. We are not supposed to give anyone any special treatment, including the fact that we cannot use anything other than encrypted messaging to transfer data, audio notes, photos, and videos to one another. 

Customers are leaning toward multi-mode messaging, end-to-end encryption, and synchronization to differentiate themselves from the competition. In 2022, establishing a highly secure messaging app presents a wonderful opportunity for young entrepreneurs, SMBs, and Startups to seize low-hanging fruit and break into the market. 

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The Complete Chatting App Development Timeline and Budget 

Many factors can affect how long and how much money it takes to build an app from scratch for messaging.  

These include the team size of your mobile app experts and the specializations of its members, the goals of your app, the features you want it to have, the cost of your infrastructure, and the amount of time you plan to spend improving the app after it launches. 

A slight cognitive bias is all it takes to arrive at an unrealistically low estimate of the entire development cost. Then, a few months in, it becomes clear that the project will significantly exceed its budget, forcing you to abandon some of the capabilities you had hoped to implement. To avoid this, it is important to account for the unexpected and factor in all the expenditures, not just the obvious ones. Bugs, scaling problems, and other unexpected obstacles are part of developing software and should be factored into your cost estimate. 

Despite these caveats, your general approach to calculating costs should remain unchanged. To make sure you do not miss any of the finer details while calculating your expenses, use this handy formula: 

The whole cost of a chat system may be broken down as follows: setup cost (developer salaries + infrastructure over an estimated finite period) + maintenance & scaling cost (first break-fix & customer feedback period + recurring infrastructure costs as usage increases). 

A minimum viable product (MVP) for a chat apps can be developed and released by a competent engineering team in as little as three months for an initial cost of between $50,000 and $100,000. The time and money needed to complete a project can quickly escalate due to factors such as cross-platform development, complex features, and scalability (all of which will be covered in more detail below). 

How to Create an app from scratch for messaging

How to Create an app from scratch for messaging

The following can be modified to fit the specifics of your project and its timeline. While separate, they still provide a framework for improving chatting app development. Follow these guidelines carefully if you want to create a successful messaging app. 

Research the Market 

To effectively compete with a dominant messaging service, you must first get an intimate familiarity with its user base, including the types of communications they engage in, its motivations, and the total amount of time they devote to the service each day.  

Select your target demographic first. Recognize who your primary competitors are and what sets them apart from you. 

An all-time favorite in China, WeChat boasts a wide range of features. Geographical and demographic variations also exist. Users of WhatsApp like that it synchronizes up right away with their phone’s address book, that it is easy to share media and location, and that it does not have any intrusive advertisements. The platform’s mobile payment service facilitates a wide variety of transactions, including buying goods and services, scheduling medical appointments, ordering takeout, paying utility bills, and settling traffic tickets. 

It is possible that developing a more niche app for, say, doctors and patients, or people with disabilities, might also be a fantastic idea. 

Understand your Audience 

Establish what you hope to achieve with your messaging app; this will help guide your chatting app development efforts and ensure that your app truly addresses the needs of its target audience. Construct user personas to understand your app’s target audience better and cater to their wants, requirements, and problems. Set the bar for success high. 

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Locate the openings, then consider how you may best address the problems they present. Create a user journey map by documenting each step a user must take to complete a task. Write down and tally the costs and benefits of each option. The procedure reveals problem areas and opportunities for improvement that can yield the greatest returns. Your minimum viable product (MVP) features should concentrate on those spots. As the development progresses down the road, more features may be introduced. 

Create an MVP for your app 

One method for determining which features will have the biggest influence is to use a prioritization matrix. 

When deciding what features your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) must include, it is wise to factor in the associated mobile app development costs. Which option you go with depends in part on your monetization plan. 

Choose the monetization strategy

In the end, your product’s financial success will be determined by how much money it makes. While most messaging apps are free to use, they do have the potential to generate revenue through strategic monetization. 

Choose your app platform 

Limitations in resources (both financial and human) sometimes force developers to settle on just one or two platforms for the initial release of their apps. If you want to reach people worldwide or in developing countries, your best bet is to create a chat apps for Android. Other than that, Apple’s platform might be the best option. Keep in mind that developing a messaging app for Android will be more affordable and less time-consuming (but only sometimes). You can contact JumpGrowth to hire android app developers and hire iOS app developer 

Hire chatting app development organization 

As the scope of the project increases, so does the required size of the crew. A UX/UI designer, a project manager, front-end and back-end software engineers, quality assurance engineer(s), and security and compliance specialists to guarantee full disclosure of data processing and GDPR compliance are all essential hires. 

Please ensure the organization you hire to build an app from scratch for messaging has professionals in developing messaging apps; you will need them to create a stable foundation that can accommodate future growth and new features. 

Get your messaging app planned, built, and tested

Messenger and WhatsApp have demonstrated that a simple approach to UX/UI is optimal for chatting apps. The layout needs to be simple and easy to understand. The app’s icon on the user’s home screen is a crucial factor. Users will only get one chance to be impressed by your product’s visual presentation. Seek the services of seasoned designers who are up to date on app design trends and have knowledge of the many different chat apps currently accessible. 

The mobile app development company you work with should also handle the user interface and experience design. If everyone is in the same place, the project may move forward faster and at a lower cost. 

How to make Money from the chat app?

how to make money from chat apps

We provide a solution for you that includes several ways to make money from apps. Among these methods are: 

In-app advertisement

Multiple methods exist for incorporating advertisements within the chat interface. This can be anything from a banner to a pop-up ad to a native ad. Millions of dollars have been made using this tactic by the messaging app Viber, which displays personalized adverts and messages to its users. 

In-app purchases

This business model assumes users pay for some premium app features, access to specific content, ad removal in messaging apps, sticker packs, and games. The LINE chatting program utilizes the latter, which allows users to engage in gaming without ever leaving the chat window. 

In-app payments

The most common monetization method involves having users make purchases directly within messaging apps. 

Integration of a chatbot

Once your app has gained traction among users, you can diversify your revenue streams by integrating a chatbot. As a result of the increased CTR (click-through rate), you can increase your earnings. 


This business strategy relies on in-app sponsorship to monetize and spread the word about a company’s product. This strategy works best once you have a sizable user base for your app. 

Pay per download

If you have tested the assumption that customers will purchase the app and are confident in providing them with a novel and useful app experience, you may choose to charge them for downloading it. The most popular apps cater to a certain need while also performing admirably. 

Subscription fee

Like pay-per-download models, except payments are received regularly only when customers utilize a messaging app (e.g., monthly, annual). It is interesting to learn that WhatsApp costs $0.99 per year after the trial time. 

Content merchandising

Making chat themes, desktops, and stickers of any brand. Advertisement of the brand benefits both the app and the company. 

Official Account

This instant messaging service is designed for brands, public figures, and celebrities who want direct communication with their fans through official accounts. 

It is possible to mix these approaches, and any monetization plan will be more successful if it fits in with the app’s goals. 


I am hoping we have provided a reasonable estimate of the time and Money required to create a messaging app. Now is the time to fully develop your brilliant concept for a messaging app. Pick a leading chatbot developer for 2020 and let us get this done immediately! 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1:How do you make an app for messaging from scratch? 

Market, competitor, user research, and idea validation should come first to ensure success in the marketplace. After that, the procedure is the same as with any other application: 

First, you need to determine what features your product must have. Next, you need to create a visually appealing and intuitive interface. Finally, you need to select a method of making Money. Finally, you need to hire a development team. 

Q2:How much does it cost to create a messaging app? 

The cost of development includes not just the developers’ hourly rate. It also includes cost of any paid technology, such as servers, encryption certificates, etc. 

Developers from the United States and Western Europe can command hourly rates of $100–$150, while those from Eastern Europe can be had for a fraction of that, at $35–$55. 

Q3:Is it hard to make a chat app? 

Creating chat app for a single platform is simple but creating a unified experience across several platforms requires considerable time, Money, and technical expertise. Each platform has its own set of challenges and programming requirements. By hiring app developers from JumpGrowth, you can ease the process.  

Q4:How long does it take to build a messaging app? 

To create the first edition of a messaging app, you should allot between three and six months. If you want to make a serious chat app, expect to spend at least 8-10 months on it.