AI Mobile App Development: What to Expect from AI in Mobile Application Development

Whether you like it or not, AI mobile app development has reached a point where it is becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives. On the surface, it’s a helpful tool that developers are using to make things easier and more seamless. On a deeper level, it’s influencing and transforming the industry from the inside out. More and more things are coming to rely on artificial intelligence. Staying up-to-date on the latest integrations is the surest way not to get left in the dust.

So What Is AI Exactly?

For the longest time, businesses and services relied on human input to get things done. That is falling more and more by the wayside as technologies develop and mature. You can think of AI as a sequence of machine processes that work together to get tasks done. Under certain circumstances, these intelligent machines are programmable. They can learn and improve based on your list of rules and parameters. It isn’t perfect, nor can it replace humans, but its capabilities to help us are growing at a remarkable rate.

How AI Benefits Mobile App Developers

There are so many new and exciting things that artificial intelligence is useful for. There are many robust integrations to consider. Right now, even in its infancy, AI has had an unprecedented amount of maturation. Here are some of the many ways that mobile app developers can incorporate AI into their stack.

Video and Audio Recognition

With the relative fragility of systems these days, it’s important to have authentication. This will ensure that the data and users of your app stay protected. Facial and fingerprint recognition, for example, are two ways systems can verify identities. Apps are also trained to respond to voice commands this way. The possibilities are endless.


Chatbots are some of the most popular ways to integrate AI. Intelligent machines can analyze and respond to certain keywords. In a chat interface, this allows user questions to get automated responses. This is a very popular trend in customer service for apps and services. It eliminates the need for another human to be on the chat interface. It benefits the consumer by fetching the information and answers they need instantaneously.

Behavioral Insights

This is one of the biggest advantages of utilizing AI for mobile apps development. Integrating this form of analytics can show developers how their audience does things. What portions of an app they use, what they search for and what features they need. These insights can be helpful in the development process. It allows a developer to refine, add or remove features or components based on use and interest. These trends are then stored in a database and evaluated for later consideration.

Personalized Recommendations

Finally, we have the ability to give users customized recommendations. This can apply to a wide variety of things. Web services like Netflix and Pandora use data for this reason to recommend movies and songs. Artificial intelligence will scan a user’s personal preferences and find trends. These trends are useful to give suggestions of other things they’re likely to enjoy. So many different apps and services can use this to their advantage.

There are many different ways that AI is useful for developers. It can encourage good development practices and provide insights into user demands. It can gather large amounts of valuable information and give users answers to queries. It can give personalized suggestions and make the user experience unique and seamless. It can help businesses grow and operate with efficiency. As such, you can improve your skills as a developer and your business by adopting it.

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