The demand for food delivery apps like Uber eats at your doorstep is significantly increasing since the government announced a global lockdown and recommended staying at home.

Isn’t it a great time for online food start-ups to flourish?

Some of the studies show that around 45% of consumers use food delivery services once or twice per month. It is a great opportunity for online food services to start their business. Food ordering apps services have increased by 300% as compared to the last year since the coronavirus began.

If you are thinking to build an app like uber eats then you have to devote your time as well as finances. As it is not easy to build an app as Uber eats.

You need different types of applications like creating a food delivery app, how to build an app like uber eats for users another for couriers, and an admin panel for restaurants.

You cannot fit all the features in a single app.

COVID-19 Impact:

Due to the pandemic, the demand for online food delivery apps like Uber eats is increasing. This drastic change has developed interest build an app like uber eats among restaurants to build a food delivery app like Uber eats. If you are planning to start an online food delivery service then you need to build your own food delivery app build an app like uber eats then you should know some of the impacts of COVID-19 on online food delivery apps.

  • Some of the companies saw a 20% increase in the number of restaurant contacts in April as compared to the previous few months.
  • Since lockdown Uber eats itself self reportedly seen that more than 30% of people are signing up for their food delivery services.
  • Uber eats got a 10% increase in the number of self-service to build an app like uber eats signups by US restaurants in the first week of March.


app like uber eats

How Does the Platform work app like uber eats?

  • Uber eats work with its three-way marketplace. Uber eats, connects restaurants, customers, and delivery agents.
  • In this app, multiple restaurants have to list their brand and menu on the app like Uber eats so that customers can search easily.
  • On the other hand, the customer searches for the restaurant located in their area and sees the menu, and can place their order.
  • Lastly, the delivery boy picks up an order from the restaurant and delivers the order of the customers on their doorstep within time.


There are some steps describing the work of Uber eats:

  • users of the UberEATS choose food and place an order
  • Then payment is authorized within the system
  • Sidewise, the restaurant receives the order and starts preparations.
  • After the preparation of food, it is handed to the restaurants’ courier
  • The courier brings food to the customers’ doorstep
  • In the end, payment is deducted


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Key Players of Uber eats:

If we talk about the key players of the Uber eats then obviously it is restaurants, customers, and delivery agents.

Restaurants manage food orders. Menu guides the customer about the app like Uber eats, food on the app marking food items available or unavailable. Restaurant owners can easily change their name contact information about opening and closing hours as per their availability. Moreover, make a food delivery app, they can decide on a price list according to them.

A food delivery app like Uber eats provides ordering options to its customers.

real-time ordering: Customers can choose the food items of their choice from the list of restaurants available in the locality. It is beneficial food that customers who need their food immediately after placing orders.

custom orders: The customers schedule their orders in advance as per their convenience. Customers can customize their orders with respect to the delivery date, destination address, and time.

Uber eats delivery boys are independent individuals. They pick up food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep. Delivery boys have an option for us to reject the order request and manage multiple deliveries at a single time.

They also have the option to get a delivery task on the basis of their location and proximity to the customer as well as the restaurant.

Development of a food delivery app like uber eats:

Building up a new food delivery app is not an easy task. It is a bit challenging in food delivery app development because it involves putting together a lot of components. Therefore, you should have a clear roadmap to build your food delivery app.

 Here are some steps that restaurants must follow to start similar online ventures:

Market research:

The first most basic step is to conduct market research. To conduct market research means you have to research deeply about your competitors, you have to target your audience and the latest food industry trends. You should thoroughly know what the current situation is in the market for build an app like ubereats. You should know 

  • Who are your competitors and what kind of services they are offering to their customers?
  • How are you going to set a target on customers?
  • What features do you have in your menu or in your food delivery app to look different from other restaurants?
  • What is trending in the online food industry?

These are some questions whose answers you must have to find.

Models of food delivery:

After conducting all the market research now On-Demand food delivery app, the second step comes to select the food delivery model. The main role of choosing a food delivery model App like Uber eats is that it can meet your business goals as well as customers’ demands.

There are two types of food delivery models which are well known for creating an app like uber eats:

  • Order-only model

Functionality: food delivery platforms are responsible for accepting and managing the orders.

Logistics support: order only model has no logistic support. In this model, all the deliveries are handled by the restaurant itself.

Monetization methods: In the monetization method, the revenue is generated by charging commission fees from the partnered restaurants

For example, 

  • Order and delivery model

Functionality: delivery platforms are responsible for managing and delivering orders in order and delivery models.

Logistic support: order and delivery models come with logistic support. In this platform the delivery is handled not by the restaurant but why the delivery platform.

Monetization method: Money could be made by charging commission fees to the restaurants and delivery fees to the customers.

For example, Deliveroo, DoorDash 

  1. Choose prominent features:

The next step is to choose prominent features of an Uber Eats-like app service. Here are some features which you should include in your food delivery app to get into the spotlight

  • admin panel: the admin panel will manage restaurant delivery. It will help in managing multi-payment options, notifications, statistical reports, multi-store, multilingual capabilities, etc.
  • restaurant app: restaurant app will manage menus and orders. It will help in tracking payments ratings and reviews, management track deliveries, push notifications, etc.
  • Customer app: customer apps provide you with many options like user registration, restaurant listing, order tracking, multiple payment options, Takeaway option, discounted offers, advanced research, reviews, and ratings. It will also provide you with reward points which will help you with different offers and prizes.
  • Delivery app: lastly the delivery boy app helps you insecure login, push notification, delivery management, real Time tracking, multiple deliveries management.

Right technology stack:

Whenever it comes to building an app like Uber eats, selecting the right technology stack is the main and crucial part.

Only the right technology stack forms the foundation for providing a seamless user experience.

You might need different types of technology apps like Uber eats depending upon the needs of your business model and your food delivery start-up

There are some sensual technologies that help you to build a food delivery app similar to Uber eats

  • Web app development
  • Mobile app development
  • Back-end development
  • Data basis
  • Third-party services

A Viable option to build your food delivery app like uber eats:

Once you are done with the features and powerful technology stack next you have to finalize the viable option to build your food delivery app. This would be done as per your requirements.

Hire an app development team:

You might need to hire a team for a development option. You need members to build a powerful and successful food delivery solution:

Use a ready-made solution:

If you want to make your food delivery app without wasting your time or in a shorter period of time. You can pick ready-made solutions that could turn out to be the best option to get your food delivery business started.

Cost to develop an AAP like uber eats:

The final cost which needs to develop an app as Uber eats depends upon various factors. There are some factors given below in cost to make a food delivery app 

  • App size: The size of the app is one of the main factors on which the cost depends. This size of the app depends on the complexity and the number of features that you want to include in your app. Simply it means the more features you will add, the higher the price will be.
  • App platforms: The second most important factor is the platform of the app. Your choice of the right platform for building a food delivery app is also the main factor on which cost depends. There are two main platforms available in the app development market that are android and iOS. The price may depend on the platform you choose.
  • App design: next you have to choose the design of the app. This is another factor on which the development cost of app design depends. If you want your food delivery app in the spotlight, you need to develop an attractive user interface app like Uber eats. If you need to gain enough popularity you have to spend more money on that because the cost will highly depend on the app team and eye-catching graphics.
  • App development team: at the end, you need a team for the development of your app. You need to hire professionals for great work. Your app development cost will rely heavily on your app development team which you would hire to develop your food delivery app.

App like Uber eats

If everything is included, the app will cost you around $100k and even more.

The attraction of visitors:

how to build an apphow to build an appTo attract more and more visitors by how to develop an app like uber eats, some methods of product promotion should be learned.

how to build an app

  • Site optimization: The optimization of the site shall be adapted.
  • Adaptive layout: According to Google company that sites have the adaptive design in the mobile offer of a search engine will have priority.
  • Cooperation with social media: cooperation with social media helps and invites your friends on social media and shares information with them.
  • ASO optimization: it provides a package of my ears which helps to set the app for its future promotion.

app like uber eatsapp like uber eatsapp like uber eatsapp like uber eatshow to build an apphow to build an app


To wrap food delivery app development, it is worth mentioning that the mobile food ordering business through food ordering apps is becoming a fast-growing trend in the food industry. If you guys also want to know how to create a food delivery app, an app like Uber eats, or to start and want to grow in this market then in my opinion this is the best time to start with your online food delivery app

Because due to lock down the demand for online food delivery apps like Uber eats is increasing. In the future also this won’t shut how to make an app like uber eats.  To help you create your own food delivery app we have tried to cover every major aspect of the food delivery app above. Moreover, the cost of app development totally depends upon your requirements on food ordering apps, we have mentioned a rough estimate based upon the surveys.


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