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    Develop a Healthcare App

    Healthcare App Development Services

    Our apps are highly customizable, allowing clients to tailor the functionalities to their specific needs and requirements. Our team of experienced developers and healthcare experts collaborate closely with clients throughout the development process to ensure a high-quality, tailored solution that meets their unique needs and delivers exceptional user experience.

    On-Demand Healthcare Applications We Develop

    Telehealth apps

    We leverage our expertise in digital transformation, mobility, and healthcare technologies to develop robust telehealth apps.

    Medical Device apps

    Healthcare professionals can remotely monitor their patients' medication adherence and intervene when necessary, leading to better healthcare outcomes.

    Laboratory Information Management System

    JumpGrowth provides comprehensive LIMS solutions, including customized app development, tailored to meet client’s requirements.

    Custom mHealth App Development

    JumpGrowth offers user-friendly and robust mobile health applications with easy accessibility to medical information.

    Electronic Health Record Software

    We develop EHR software systems for professionals to help them in patient data management.

    Pharmacy Management System

    This system encompasses various features such as inventory management, prescription tracking, etc. to help healthcare professionals.

    HIPAA-Complaint Software

    Our team at JumpGrowth understands the significance of data security and ensures adherence to HIPAA guidelines throughout the app development process.

    Remote patient monitoring apps

    These apps enable healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patients to remotely monitor patients.

    EHR data aggregation and analysis apps

    We offer innovative EHR data aggregation and analysis apps to Heathcare industry, integrating health records to various sources into a centralized system.

    Practice management apps

    JumpGrowth develops revolutionizing practice management apps in the healthcare industry to streamline various administrative tasks.

    Medical device data collection platforms

    We develop on demand medical device health management apps with the use of innovative technologies.

    Wearable tech apps

    JumpGrowth continues to transform the healthcare industry by delivering user-friendly wearable tech apps for clients.

    Drug inventory tracking apps

    We develop these applications for our clients to effectively manage and optimize the tracking, storage, and distribution of medications.

    Hospital Management Apps

    HMS automates various administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling, billing, and inventory management, saving time and reducing errors.

    Appointment Scheduling Apps

    By using appointment scheduling apps, users can easily book and manage appointments, eliminating the need for manual scheduling and reducing errors.

    Tracking Apps

    These apps help healthcare professionals keep track of their goals, inventory of medical instruments and machines, etc.

    Patient Engagement Apps

    These apps empower patients to actively participate in managing their well-being by providing access to personalized health information, tracking symptoms, monitoring vital signs, etc.

    Medical Billing Apps

    Medical billing apps enable healthcare professionals to focus on patient care while ensuring efficient and transparent financial operations.

    Medical Diagnosis Apps

    These apps leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze patient symptoms and medical history, suggesting potential diagnoses.

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    We build Compliance-accessible Applications for our Clients

    ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act )

    We offer a comprehensive HIPAA compliance application specifically designed for the healthcare industry. By implementing the HIPAA compliance app, healthcare providers can confidently meet regulatory requirements and focus on providing high-quality care to their patients without compromising data security.

    ( General Data Protection Regulation )

    By prioritizing user privacy and following GDPR guidelines, developers can create healthcare apps that not only cater to patients' needs but also safeguard their data, promoting trust and confidence in the healthcare sector.

    ( Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health )

    Our developers create apps considering HITECH compliances to empower patients, enhance healthcare delivery, and comply with regulations.

    ( Health Level Seven International )

    By understanding and implementing HL7 standards, developers ensure that their apps can effectively communicate and exchange data with different healthcare providers, contributing to a more connected and interoperable healthcare ecosystem

    Our Bespoke Healthcare Application Development Process 

    We follow the entire process to make healthcare application development easy.
    • 01
      Design & Prototype & Prototype
      Develop wireframes and user interface following prototype creation and usability testing. 
    • 02
      We perform unit testing and code control after developing the SaaS application. 
    • 03
      Perform load, special, and automated testing on application for multiple browsers and OS.
    • 04
      Perform infrastructure scaling after deploying the application.
    • 05
      We issue reports along with the new feature request in this step.

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    Technologies We Use to Develop Healthcare Applications 

    JumpGrowth developers worked with modern technologies to leverage your software.



    Java Script

    Objective C





    Build Tools



    QA tools:




    Test Flight

    Application Monitoring



    Databases and Storages







    Why choose JumpGrowth?

    20 years of Proven processes

    Jumpgrowth boasts a remarkable track record of two decades in delivering successful healthcare applications, making it a trusted and reliable partner in this field. We have refined and perfected its processes, ensuring that are user-friendly, efficient, and tailored to our client’s specific requirements.

    Cutting Edge Tech Expertise

    Jumpgrowth has proven to be a leading force in the field of event management apps, owing to its cutting-edge technological expertise. Jumpgrowth's commitment to cutting-edge technology has positioned them as a leader in this healthcare sector, contributing significantly to its growth and development.

    X-Shore delivery model

    Jumpgrowth has implemented its X-shore delivery model in the development of healthcare apps. This model combines the advantages of onshore and offshore teams, allowing for efficient and cost-effective delivery of software solutions.

    Let us discuss your requirements

    Industries We Serve

    We possess experience serving different industries.





    Real State  


    Social Apps 


    Retail & E-Commerce

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    Case Studies

    Totally Pregnant

    Totally Pregnant is an enterprise-level application. JumpGrowth experts helped them in application modernization by reviewing existing code. Firstly, our experts helped them in code migration from Parse API to Firebase-based API. Secondly, we helped them to perform architectural changes to support the latest versions of Android and iOS.

    Grief Unleashed

    Grief Unleashed helps individuals to overcome their grief. Jumpgrowth experts developed an algorithm that works behind the assignment and reassignment of counselors to the members of the Grief Unleashed team. Moreover, our team helped them implement Agora in the background to smoothen one-on-one video/audio sessions between members & counselors associated with this platform.

    DNA Vibe

    DNA Vibe is a wearable wellness device. Our team helps DNA Vibe to develop fast and expressive iOS and Android applications using Flutter technology and NodeJS to carry out backend functionalities. He created the best UI framework. Moreover, we also created an algorithm to generate a unique ID for each device. We also implemented a signaling matrix, that helps in receiving responses from the device.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We develop healthcare apps for a variety of purposes, including patient engagement, telemedicine, medical records management, and health and wellness tracking.
    The time & cost required to build the healthcare application depends on the features you would like to add in your application. A basic healthcare app would take around 5-6 months and costs around $20000 to & $100000.
    We follow a rigorous development process that includes requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment. We also follow industry standards for data privacy and security.
    We use a variety of programming languages and technologies, including Java, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, and Flutter. We also use cloud technologies like AWS and Google Cloud Platform.
    Yes, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your healthcare app remains up-to-date and secure. We can also provide updates and new feature development as needed.